National Rally Questions

If you can’t find an answer - ask here. We will try to get back to you just as soon as we can.

The next edition of Soft Top Hardtop will have all the information about the Rally and your rally pass.

The team are working hard to get everything together for you, we are planning for quite possibly the biggest Rally in the Club’s history with the success of last year’s rally we have had huge interest from suppliers and exhibitors and we are building in more to the Rally every day. Really looking forward to this year’s event.



how do you book a camping slot or will there be any offers in the stht magazine like there was for oulton park for supper and a room.




How do I go about purchasing tickets for myself and the other half to attend this shindig??

You’ll get a mirror hanger in Soft Top Hardtop which will gain you and one other plus your car free admission.

I’ve enjoyed OC events where there was something actually to do or see - e.g. Prescott hill climb, Brooklands (test hill), Gaydon museum.

Don’t mean to be negative - but is there anything (car related) at this site actually to do?

Because to be fair, I have already seen every variant of MX5 there is and whilst I might well attend a local event with no much else to see, I can’t see myself travelling a long way to do it.

We have an Autotest arranged for the day that you can take your own car to have a go (tickets at the circuit on the day), Mazda will be there with a fleet of mk4 MX-5s to test drive in the roads around the show (sign up on the day), there is also some car challenges for the Areas to undertake in the main Arena planned (speak to your AC). Alongside this we have another true form of Horsepower with 4 Medieval Knights who are going spend the day settling the question of which of the Mks of the MX-5 is the best! which will culminate in an all out battle and Jousting show for you to experience.

I am currently trying to arrange some off road experiences at the moment to have a go in, with some offroad buggies to drive, but it comes down to what is left in the pot to be able to put that on.

But this is what is already on to get involved with and it is all available to you as part of being a member of the Club.

The Club events are first and foremost a social gathering, based around the members and their cars regardless of where they are hosted, we try to offer a variety venues to cater to the wide spectrum of members’ tastes and I am sure that many will enjoy a chance to visit Kelmarsh House and gardens too. For this show we have more traders registered now than have ever attended before and this offers members opportunities to have a look at products and services for their car and get access to deals and discounts not usually available. We also stage the annual car competitions at the event for members to show and compete, there will be a range of prizes offered on the day to not only cars in the competition paddock but some judges choice on the site also. It all goes together to be part of what the rally is about and we hope that you and all members would want to come, something like 90% of all the MX-5s registered in the UK are less than 100 miles from Kelmarsh and we are planning for this to be a big show after the success of the 20th Anniversary.


Hopefully the entry marshals will pay more attention to the hanger at this event than last year - and how will drivers be treated if they arrive without a sticker - or don’t show it?

Yes - I am aware of the road/police situation at Gaydon, but somebody should have thought about it.

Also - I’m not the only member over 70, we aren’t all able to walk over half a mile to get to the main attractions, I hope some consideration will be given to us? Standing all day is bad enough, having to walk the same distance back to the car is no joke, though no doubt some will think it’s funny. - There’s an answer to that!






Hi Iain, once again I see you are throwing yourself in at the deep end - thank you.
My situation, whilst I can drive to the event in my 25th, to be able to move around wifie needs to come in her own car (not a 5), bringing my scooter and wheelchair.
I have a blue badge, but membership wise this is two people and 2 cars. I am likely to join the 25th parking display, and want the sharan in the disabled section.
Is this possible, and will wifie need to pay the additional £5 since she will not be sitting in the passenger seat of my 5 upon arrival.


Hi Gerry,

We do not have the same restrictions at this site, vehicles without hangers will be directed to a parking area appropriate either MX-5 or Non MX-5, All Blue Badge holders regardless of vehicle will be parked in a convenient location near the gates.

(oh and by the way it was thought about and worked very well for a large part of the day once an issue was sorted out 650 people came through the non-member gates at Gaydon)

Check the reverse of your hanger for further information, as a member you require to use this with your membership card to also go through the welcome tent - so remember to take it with you once parked up!

Kelmarsh is a big site, however it is flat and level the refreshment and seating areas will be located in the middle of proceedings so that a break can be taken when traversing the site if needed. 



Ok this may require a bit of coming and going - however the parking is outside the welcome tents area, So you can arrange to meet your wife before coming in together, if you have the hanger on arrival and she has the Blue badge than she will be directed to park in the Blue badge area and can arrange to come to you with your mobility aids?


But maybe lets talk by PM and we can get this sorted out for you.


Thanks for your reply Iain, appreciated.

Iain, I’ve probably missed it somewhere either on the forum or in the latest STHT, but will there be anyone at the rally doing new hood fittings? Would like to get a new one for mine so great if I could get it done on the day. I recall there was someone at Gaydon last year and was wondering if they might be going to Kelmarsh.

Mazmania are in the confirmed list of traders in the latest Soft Top Hardtop, they usually do a good trade of fitting roofs at rallies. It may be worth contacting them in advance though.

Thanks Robbie, I’ll give them a call.


Update: Just spoke to them and booked myself one of the three slots to get a new mohair cover fitted.

Is there going to be an Auto Jumble ? Also is there a self car wash close to the venue ? 



There’s a BP station in Northampton: Harborough Road, NN2 8DW. Doesn’t seem to be anything in Kettering although I’ve only checked BP.




Jetwash at the Sainsburys Petrol Market Harborough is probably the closest,-0.915603,3a,75y,189h,85.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjxCxGbSADh1YA_0sQODKHg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en


We need volunteers to run Autojumbles  to man the stand all day to administer the bits and transactions. This request usually garners very little response.

However it only seems fair to try again as I think Autojumble would be an asset to our shows, if anyone would like to run an Autojumble voluntarily or on a commission basis please get in touch with me by PM or email.


iam struggling to fined a hotel for the summer rally !!! can anybody help with suggestions? 


You could try Crick (Junction 18 of the M1) only 20 minutes from Kelmarsh.

There is a Holiday Inn (fairly expensive) and an Ibis (not very expensive), as far as I am aware both hotels still have rooms available.