National Rally Sept 15 2019

Well done, superb event, a credit to every one involved in the organisation of

the Rally. 

Very Many Thanks


ps. I have attended most Rallies since 2011 & have yet to experience rain, amazing!!  Have any earlier Rallies been held in the rain?


My first National Rally was at Gaydon, in 2000. It rained all day. For a while the Rally went through a period where it was more often than not to be, weatherwise, a bit of a dicey weekend.


To give you a perspective of that event, back then, we got everyone parked in the main carpark, in front of the museum entrance, with everyone parked by colour. Can’t remember the numbers, but in those days we were pleased to get 400 cars turning out. 2500 blows my mind, and this was on the same day that another MX5 event was being held further south.

I’ve not been to a heavy rain one, but some have been dampish with overcast, and Goodwood was so bitter cold with the wind-chill the two of us needed to buy gilets from MX5Parts to supplement our gloves, woolly hats and anoraks!

The sun yesterday was perfect, not too hot, not too strong, just right.