National Rally - Track Day Action - Saturday 17 Sept.

Gear up for a spectacular day of Motorsport activity hosted by the MX-5 Owners Club with track action provided by MoT and supporting Help for Heroes!

After the great success of Mallory Park in 2009 and the great fun that was had on track, the Northampton Area are doing it all again this time at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport on the new Stowe circuit. MX-5’s are brilliant on track, really one of the best cars around even in full road trim. Come and have a play, away from traffic congestion, speed cameras and trucks. Stowe is a very safe circuit, with plenty of run off and and Armco is a long way back to prevent any problems. The slippers are off and the driving boots on as Mazda on Track has organised a serious day of awesome track action to enjoy.

Highlights include:

Seriously good value track time - Pick and choose when YOU want to be on track!
A open pitlane morning session
Seven afternoon 30 minute sessions at only £35 each!
Tuition on all sessions
Driver training - Go out with qualified instructors on the circuit and improve your driving skills!
Our ever popular Hot laps - Passenger rides with racing drivers in their cars, a white knuckle ride for charity around the circuit at high speed! A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting Help for Heroes, MoT’s chosen charity.

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And just to add, I’m booked into the Eastern Region session in the afternoon and I can’t wait… Big Smile

And don’t forget that spectator admission is free of charge… Big Smile


I’ve not done a track day before. Do I have to buy special insurance or is it covered in the £35 fee for a half hour?


 Insurance is not included in the £35 fee; you have to confirm with your own insurers that your policy covers you for “testing under track conditions” and not “racing”.  My own insurers (LV Frizzel) tell me that I am covered, with no additional premium to pay; other insurers may differ.

 Page now updated with details of race cars and Mazda dealer.


How do we go about booking a drive in a Mx5 race car with an instructor? I couldn’t find a reference to it on the Mazda on Track site - is this first come first served on the day?

Thank you, looking forward to seeing you all there!

 Session 2 and 4 are now sold out.

12 places only remain in the morning open pit lane session.

I’ve just booked the morning session with tuition!

It’ll be only my 2nd time on track in my MX-5 (and 3rd track outing ever), having done my first yesterday at Lydden Hill. I’ve gotten the bug for it Big Smile

 A big thank you to Project Merlot Black for letting me loose on their car at Silverstone on Saturday!  It was the first time I’d done a track day, and I felt honoured to be allowed to drive the reincarnation of Merlot so soon after its extensive ‘surgery’.  Robbie’s tuition was spot on  - I had an absolutely fantastic time, adjectives fail to do justice to the experience.  I still haven’t come down and am boring all my family and friends with accounts of the day!  The car is a dream to drive, so quick and responsive (sorry about the rev limiter…) and I was relieved to see it recovered ok to be at the National the next day. I’d love to drive again (if you’ll let me) and would recommend it to anyone to have a go!

Carole ‘high as a kite’

Nice one Carole, Thumbs up

 hmm, that ‘thumbs up’ looks like the same Robbie gave me during the briefing when the organisers mentioned ‘burning cars upside down’ and I gave Robbie a ‘petrified bunny in headlamps’ look.  Suffice to say, I was v nervous but that all went out of the window, or roof, once we got going on the track.  I shall put something together for STHT with photos soon.

Cheers, someone throw me a line to bring me back down!!!

I’ve uploaded my onboard videos to YouTube (below). A thanks to Mazda on Track, we really enjoyed our OPL morning session, my cars’ 2nd outing on track.

 Good Videos and some good lines in the 3rd session.

Good advice that “learn a few corners of the faster cars 2 corners at a time”Wink

My video is just uploading now…



 Silverstone track day videos in HD

the open pitlane in the wet then the slightly moist

last session of the day

and lastly a very freaky Tardis kind of video of me in uma (uncharged) from 2 years ago
overlaid with new footag .both starting at the same point…you can see how much work silverstone has had


 Tut tut Mr Robinson, whats the story at 1:39, you being an experienced racing driver and all? Embarassed

You were probably quite fortunate that was the last session of the day.


What did I do ive looked at 1.39 ???

Or are you talking about my pathetic atempts at drifting it on the cool down lap…



 I’m talking about going up the inside at the hair pin while Alli is about to turn in on you on the correct line.

You remember that talk about not overtaking in corners?

 If you look closely nick you see him waving me past…I had slowed and was waiting till that point.

I would have waited till hed gone around otherwise. And if thats not what a waved instructors hand means

then I am sorry…