National Rally

Cant find out where to arrange tickets for the National Rally. Are they needed or do we just turn up?

If you are a club member and receive the magazine all the info will be in there nearer the time. You usually need the window hanger (supplied in the mag) and a current membership card to gain access to the rallies, that admits the driver and passenger.

Have recently just become a full member of the club so have yet to receive my first copy of the mag. Seeing as its probably too late to receive the June edition what would be the best way to obtain tickets/details required to attend in September?



It’s a bi-monthly magazine, so the next issue (August) - which will contain full details of the rally - will also contain the entrance ‘ticket’.  It’s usually not an actual ticket, but takes the form of a hanger that hooks onto your rear view mirrow, so it’s easily seen by marshalls.

HTH - Steve

Received my copy of STHT today no rally hanger enclosed.

Check carefully it should be there.

I’ve checked carefully, no hanger there.

Received my copy today with hanger inclosed 

Received today - avec hanger.

Hanger with mine too! Worth noting, in the delivery was/is front address sheet, area newsletter, scenic tours mag (thick publication) oh, and the current copy of STHT. Quite a bundle, easy to miss the hanger which is not very large? I guess easy enough to sort though if missing, still almost two months away. 


^^^ No scenic tours mag in mine Barrie but the essential hanger is present.

Mmmmm? I wonder Mick, Mrs B and I booked with them a couple of years ago for the Cicuite Historique in Laon, perhaps it was a mail shot based on our previous jaunt?  


^^^ Every drive out in ours is a scenic tour, even to Tesco.

Contact membership and they will send out another.


Just back off holiday and opened my mag, no hanger in mine and been through it all very carefull.

who do I contact at membership, is there a phone number or email?

sorry new member and not sure which is the correct person to contact.

could someone post a pic of the hanger and where it was in pack please?




Didn’t get a scenic tours mag, would hanger been in that?

  • hanger in mine but no tour guide

Historically the gate has always accepted either the hanger (preferred as it doesn’t delay the entry or queue of cars) OR showing your club membership card. Have it ready and too hand at the gate and Im sure you will have no issue