National Rally

It has been sometime since I attended a National Rally, indeed any Rally except International, due in the main to the ‘been there once, seen everything before’ syndrome, but this year’s Rally, local to me sparked a need to visit.

What a great day out I had!! So much to see and get involved in, well organised and good to meet old friends from other areas along with shaking hands of a celebrity, Fuzz from Car SOS!

I think the National Team, assisted by my local area SWM (and others) did a wonderful job and may I hope that future National and Spring Rallies will offer that same spark!

WELL DONE Gals and Guys!!  

Ragley Hall was my first national rally and I was impressed with how much there was on offer…so much so that I missed plenty. All five of us (3 cars) travelled over from NI and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and wish to thank all those who gave their time for their efforts. 


And did you return to NI with a boot full of car parts?

This was the first rally we attended and actually stayed the longest. So much to see aside from the cars, infact we never really paid much attention to them bar a few competition cars. I even passed through the MX-5 parts tent without opening my wallet.

Special thanks to whoever arranged the band, they took up a chunk of our time there, excellent and the house and surrounding grounds great.

Any news on the total number of MX-5s that turned-up? 

I’d just like to publically record my thanks to everyone who had a hand in organising the rally last Sunday.
The weather held out for us and added to what was already an amazing day.
As a new member who’s only been to classic car rallies with my brother in law where you’re drowning in crates of rusty auto jumble, it was a delight to attend the MX5 OC rally.

I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Thank you


Indicates that around 1400 MX5s were photographed arriving up to 12.30. I know some might have arrived a bit later, but that sounds a bit low, because late comers would have added, at most, a couple of hundred.

I hope my experience adds value to this discussion. Four years ago I entered for the first time and came last . At that point I was determined to do better and to one day win.  We entered every time and used score sheet to learn. every point lost made us more determined to eliminate that fault.  Sometimes the judging seemed inconsistent, sometimes not. Every new judge will focus and see new things . it hurt at times but we took on the chin and used it as fuel to motivate us to work harder 

My car always drives to events wouldn’t dream of having a trailer. I drive my beloved Rupert at least once a week and love him to bits!

My interior has had some modification in accordance to rules a few years ago.  Every year we (husband and I ) Work our socks off to try to make sure we don’t lose points.


its been long journey full of highs and lows but this year we won the lightly modified mk1, not through our interior, coming on trailer etc we won through years of bloody hard work and we are over the moon!

Moral of the story use your disappointment to fuel your motivation to win !

Congratulations on your win, all the hard work and determination paid off, Well done.