NB 10th Anniversary Edition 1.8


My son has just bought a 1999 NB 1.8 6 speed 10th Anniversary MX5 and as he isn’t very mechanically minded I thought it best for me to get on here and delve through the myriad of resources available (as I am likely to do as many fixes as possible to keep costs down!)

Anyway, lovely motor, runs smooth and pulls well with usual signs of rust here and there, but a squeaky clean MOT history as the owner seemed to keep on top of anything that “might” cause a problem come MOT time (plus a log of all maintenance he did himself over 17 years of ownership - lots of it).

I’ll be rummaging around the forum for info, and asking questions here and there (and if I learn anything while working on his car I will certainly do my best to add to the knowledge base here).




Welcome would be nice to see a photo of the car at sometime. I have a 1.8 as well see pic

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Nice looking car. I think we need to get hold of a hard top for winter (plus, I think it looks nicer with the hard top - but that’s just a matter of choice/taste).

I’ll get a picture posted once I get a photo when he’s next round here (did have some, but changed my phone in the last few days and somehow have lost photos from a small time period, including those I took of the MX!!)

Welcome and a great choice of mx5!

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thanks, and as a biased Evertonian, I do like the colour quite a lot :slight_smile: :smile: