NB 1998 Window switch repair ? or re order?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NB 1998/1999
  2. I’m based near: Esher, Surrey
  3. Suggestions on: Electric Window switch repair or re order?

Hi MX fivers! :rofl:
Thanks to the forums and mx5 people - when my drivers window stopped working -I was steered to the switch itself.

As many who have discovered similarly, this switch after some years can take its toll, and often 2 plastic little ‘nibs’ can break off.
To fix this you’d think the solution could be quite feasible -possible -
but it requires a bit of creative injinuity :innocent:
Has anyone found options other than a re ordered one or one of those remitter alternative switches?

It seems so frustrating that 2 little plastic bits cant be replaced easily – and a £50 + approx replacement may have to be the option instead.

(The good news is you can get the switches out from the console without unscrewing the whole console - a bit of old plastic card trick or similar to ease it out - if putting the switch section back may not be a tight snug fit -just create a bit of added tape etc to pack it for firmer fit. There’s a little tab -rubber? -that may fall off when using the plastic card - (or perhap mine was broken already from before)

£10 / £20 for used switch from this guy:

Oh yes, that’s good to know Alan.
Will call you tomorrow on this - am interested yes.

Open the link attached to my last reply and use the message function at the top of his page. He is pretty busy so may not reply immediately. Or Google MX5 Prestige Spares UK for company address etc.

Hi, don’t know if this helps. If the switch is basically the same as the NA which it sounds similar. I repaired mine several years ago using the red tube you get with wd40 - just opened the switch made an educated guess on the original length of pegs, then cut the tube to length. 5 years on and still working

Hi Trev
Many thanks - I ordered another from Prestige MX5 NB spares in the end. But… how did you fit the little plastic tube bits back on - Did you just glue straight on and it stayed… what glue did you use?
Another guy said he drilled tiny hole to create the fix. Too fiddly for me

Hi Brian, I don’t recollect using glue, I suspect from the other info you got where the guy said he drilled holes, that makes me think the NA and NB switches are different or they changed from the original design, my car is 1991. As I remember there are two small pegs in small holes with springs behind, as you move and hold the switch these pegs press the internal connection. The drivers side as you’d expect wears most, it becomes so short it pops out and the switch stops working. I just made new pegs from the WD40 tubing as a temporary fix, luckily it still works years on.

Many thanks tricky trev.
In the end I bought a used one but will keep old for experimenting a repair.

Good to hear you’re sorted. Thought I’d mention for anyone else that reads this for info. I looked at a YouTube clip of a guy opening the NB switch for repairs and it’s totally different to the NA - I was surprised due to most NA NB stuff being interchangeable.