NB FI kit options?

I’m seriously considering a FI kit on an NB. I want a DIY kit with everything included. Open to SC or TC.

From experience, what kit do people recommend on here?

We bought everything separately. Supercharger from Moss…MS3 from A K Automotive…intercooler from Fast 5 …injectors from USA…belts and pulleys from TDR…etc.
You could try G19 Engineering or Motorsport Electronics for a kit.

Thanks for that, Grandad. Did you save money by buying things separately, or was it more because you wanted to pick specific components?

At the time we had a 2002 Sport which we modified for track use. When we bought the Mp62 supercharger new from Moss it came with a fitting kit and instructions. The kit provided a “Power card” and a “Timing card”, which sought to fool the OEM ECU into providing enough fuel and modified timing for forced induction.
Whilst all the fittings and instructions for installing the charger were excellent these cards were fairly primitive, and we quickly realised that lots more power could be had with an aftermarket ECU…which would then necessitate bigger injectors and an intercooler…and then dual throttle bodies…and then…
And by these means you’re onto the slippery slope of continuously updating your system.
Eventually we fitted six rib pulleys, a crank overlay and a larger throttle body on the charger.
I should remark that we bought our Mp62 before it became fashionable to use (much cheaper) M45 chargers off minis.
To my limited knowledge a few people tried to concoct kits for the mini charger, such as TR Lane, but it seemed that they encountered more problems than made it worth while.
I wouldn’t be surprised if nowadays you’ve move chance of getting a complete turbo kit off the likes of the previously mention folk.

Very interesting.

Yes, I think I’m swaying more towards a complete turbo kit. There are quite a few options: Bofi, ME, G19, Unit3 Motorsport, Black Car. Most use the ME221 ECU, though the Unit 3 kit uses “DIY-EFI”.

I’ve also got to decide between the TD04 or Garret type turbo?

Just seen this on Facebook…

Aah, well spotted.