NB headlight replacement

Evening all,looking for advice on how to remove and replace the headlight units on my 2003 NB. Thanks

Pretty easy. Undoo the bumper fixings under the wheel arch liners at each side, easiest with wheels removed. Undo the headlight securing bolts under the bonnet, two on each headlight. Be prepared to "work " the bolts with some lube as they have a tendancy to shear.
With the help of an assistantpull the bumper down slightly under the headlight, then pull the headlight towards the front of the vehicle. It will seem tough, but the only thing holding the headlight in place is a steel ball fixed to the headlight in a plastic socket fixed to the car body. Once free, disconect all the wires to the headlight and remove.
Be careful when replacing the headlight unit that the palstic socket for the steel ball dosen’ become detached from the car. Easy enough to relocate, but frustrating.
Sould not take more than 40 mins to remove the two headlights first time.
Manual says to remove the bumper but having done this numerous times, it is not necessary.
Bon Courage

Thanks for the reply. Hoping to have a go at it tomorrow

Good luck

Thank you. I might not get round to it for a while,I’ll let you know how I get on

“Pretty easy” no it’s not!

God only knows what Mazda where thinking when they set this up.
Having to remove the gril, and the whole bumper unit, both wheels and wheel arch liners to replace a headlight is absolutely nuts - but there seems no other way. I’m also pretty sure you don’t need to remove the wheel liners from vids I’ve watched online. We don’t all have a garage to work in either!

I’m going to have to do it after some cretin bust my headlight outside my flat - not done by a car as no damage or mark to the bumper - it’s been a deliberate bit of vandalism!

Sourced a second hand one from E-bay (£25 and a bit filthy & faded) but I need to do the sanding & UV clear coat to it as I’d done that previously to my headlights and had them looking brand new, then 3-4 weeks ago I replaced the bulbs for highre powered ones.

I’m raging at whoever burst my headlight and if I find out who (have my suspiciouns) that’ll be one person needing some serious hospital treatment, not Covid-19 realated!!!

Hi Mike,
I know you are wound up by the idiot who bust your headlight, but seriously, its not difficult.
No need to remove the grill or bumper. You do not even need to remove the wheelarch liner, juts loosen it enough to get to the bolt that holds the corner of the bumper in place.
Just follow what I said above, and it shouldn’t take you any longer than 45 mins, an hour at most, to remove and replace the headlight. The worst part about the job is the tendancy of the bolts on the top of the headlight shearing off.
I live in France now, and have imported many NBFL ( way more than 10 ), all of which have all needed the headlights removing to adapt them to LHD traffic.
Good luck.

Just re read my original post and realised I forgot to say you need to also remove the plastic retaining clips and a couple of bolts under the bonnet where the bumper attaches to the front of the framework which supports the bonnet catch.

So OK never had to take the whole bumper off just loosen a lot of it and pull it out at one side.

Sheered 2 bolts - why did Mazda use aluminium bolts #FFS ! and a couple of the plastice expanding thingys could be doing with being replaced - they are absolutely shit!

Still of the opinion that Mazda could have designed this so much better, it’s meant to be a great car to work on, not so, even replacing bulbs you need minutre hands as there is no space to get a proper grip.

One “good” thing is I’ve noticed the very begining of surface rust on the underside of teh wheel arch - that needs to be tackled very soon - summer jobs already booked in!!!

Many thanks to all who have replied to my original post. Wasnt aware there was so much involved in getting the light units out,but I’ll be changing them as soon as I get a chance

Glad you got it done Mike. Hardest headlights I have ever done were on the wifes Jag X Type, that really is bumper off and half the car dismantled !
Easiest were on a Freelander 2, one bolt at the top, pull the lever at the back, hey presto, headlight out. Under 2 mins. However, seeing as you HAVE to remove the headlight to replace a bulb on the Freelander 2, its a good job its so easy lol