Nb mods

Hi has anyone done the Rocketeer v6 conversion to their car, that I can have a look at, as I want to do this to mine.

Mine is a 2004 1.8

Thanks Ian

You are too late to buy one of their kits:


Hi yes I know about the kit situation they sent me an email just before xmas, but I want to see clearances etc! Some of it I’m planning to make myself some of it I can get from the US ie cross member and the diff mods but I  want to see it is worth doing or just go for a Lexus V8. Thanks Ian ps I’m north London/Essex borders

Wow! one brave man… Ive seen the car throttle guy’s doing just this on a MK1 called Phill. God knows how they actually did it on a drive way? Id love to do this to my NB, but Allas money and ability evade me. Good look in your quest. Please keep us updated with your progress.

I too was looking at the Rockteer modification. Having nearly finished a complete body shell restoration for it to go into, I then got the pre-Christmas email. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: not best pleased.
So I am open for suggestions, currently I have the same model as Ian without the engine and other parts that I would not have needed, but do not have the £12k to get Rocketeer to build me a turn key v6.
Suggestions please…