Nb mods

Hi has anyone done the Rocketeer v6 conversion to their car, that I can have a look at, as I want to do this to mine.

Mine is a 2004 1.8

Thanks Ian

You are too late to buy one of their kits:


Hi yes I know about the kit situation they sent me an email just before xmas, but I want to see clearances etc! Some of it I’m planning to make myself some of it I can get from the US ie cross member and the diff mods but I  want to see it is worth doing or just go for a Lexus V8. Thanks Ian ps I’m north London/Essex borders

Wow! one brave man… Ive seen the car throttle guy’s doing just this on a MK1 called Phill. God knows how they actually did it on a drive way? Id love to do this to my NB, but Allas money and ability evade me. Good look in your quest. Please keep us updated with your progress.

I too was looking at the Rockteer modification. Having nearly finished a complete body shell restoration for it to go into, I then got the pre-Christmas email. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: not best pleased.
So I am open for suggestions, currently I have the same model as Ian without the engine and other parts that I would not have needed, but do not have the £12k to get Rocketeer to build me a turn key v6.
Suggestions please…

Hi, had an email from Rocketeer guys to say they are now going to sell the v6 jag kits again.


Thanks for the heads up, but I already talked myself into a turbo conversion on basis of cost vs power gain.

Hi I supercharged mx mx5 lol sounds great

Hi chaps
Decided to go for the v8 route, so brought a Lexus Ls400 stripped most out just waiting for my neighbour to lift it out with his tele handler as the ground is to muddy for a hoist will keep you updated, I do know there are a couple ready done, so if anyone know anyone how owns one of them I would like to see one for clearance etc. Thanks Ian

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Seen this done& thought that looks a great idea. It would be something I would love to do even just for the v8 soundtrack. Keep us posted how it goes.

Hello Ian
How is this progressing? Do you have a plan yet?