NB Seat Recliner Mechanism Driver's side Wanted

Seat Recliner Mechanism Driver’s side for NB 1.6, 2000.

I have a mechanism for a Mk1 seat. Think its the same (the metal work), if you have a seperate headrest seat or the early style Mk2 import high back bucket.

Mk1 P/N is NA01-88-101A

Yes, That looks right. Where are you? And how much?

Leighton Buzzard, £10

I’m near Stansted, bit of a drive, but maybe, on a sunny day, with the roof down…! Or would you post it?
Busy now, but I’ll double-check later that it’s the right one, and let you know.

PM me your address, and I will try and post it when I can. £10 plus posting costs.

But check first this is the part you need. What’s wrong with what you have, because these things are normally very reliable?

Yes, it looks right. My seat back will not move, and the mechanism looks extremely badly corroded. Easier to replace, I think.
Is this reply PM? Not good with these things, but I think it is. Yes, if you wouldn’t mind posting, which I’ll cover, of course. How do I pay you?

PM sent