NB1 Oxygen Sensor (Lambda O2 Sensor)

Hi All

I am in the process of installing a wideband O2 system on my NB1 (1.8 1999)
Part of it involves using the original loom to send the sensor output to the ECU (ME221).

When I bought the car, it came without the original sensor, so I was wondering if anyone has a broken sensor at home I could have the connector from? I would like to install my system but keeping the car loom intact so I just need the connector. Happy to pay for it/your_trouble/postage.




This is what you require. It’s off a MK1 but same lambda wiring and loom connector as the MK2.
Will send you a private message.


Ha! I didnt know it was the same connector as the mk1.

Thanks. PMing back. cheers

You can actually buy new plugs and sockets if you can discover what make and model they are.

Until a few days ago I assumed that was a very big “if” but then I found a fascinating resource on the miataturbo forum: https://www.miataturbo.net/electronics-122/miata-oem-aftermarket-connector-guide-99970/ where someone has collated a list of part numbers for several MX-5 plugs, and another poster on that forum mentioned the Aladdin’s cave which is Auto-Click UK.

I think the 4-wire lambda sensor connector is probably this one: https://www.auto-click.co.uk/174257-2 What do you think? Seems to match rhino’s photos. The keyway slots on the side seem to be in the right places. The matching socket lower down the page looks like a plausible match too.

I just bought some connectors from them which will allow me to make plug-and-play extension looms for refitting my old supercharger to my current car (for example relocating the throttle position sensor will use about a 3 foot extension cable instead of chopping and soldering like on my previous car).

Hope people find that useful.

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thanks a bunch Martin. That was massively helpful yeah. I was going to just splice into the original connector but that is a good shout getting a new connector, and good reference material for the future.


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