NBFL new owner

Good morning all

A month ago I bought a 51-plate 1.8 Sport in Crystal Blue - the colour is growing on me!

Coming from a 2013 Mini Cooper S, I got bored of the turbo and un-engaging FWD and longed to get back to RWD - having enjoyed a stock S2000 for a number of years prior to the Mini.

Despite the (considerable) difference in power, I’m loving the 5, which I plan to use as a daily, shared with a more practical VW.

Had an inspection on the sills and chassis rails and come back pretty clean - not sure how long that will last, given it was a 1-owner and (most probably) dry use, 35k miler that will now spend its time on my drive in all weathers.

Have booked myself on to the Brands MoT day in December and planning to hop across to France shortly to see how many bottles of wine I can cram in to the boot!

Spent some time browsing this forum and there’s a wealth of info that I’ve found invaluable and it seems a very friendly place, to boot.

Look forward to some fun commutes as the autumnal weather hits us!


Pleased you are enjoying her.

Surprising isn’t it - the MX5 does not measure up in many ways but if you are true to yourself and appreciate what really counts it is simply more pleasant to own. 

Hi Paul

Welcome to the addiction.

Thank you both. I’m pleasantly surprised how much fun these cars are!

Hi Paul and welcome on board. 

Thank you! 


Fellow Crystal Blue owner here.


Had it 14 years now, and frankly don’t want to drive much else…apart from it’s stable-mate Mk1.

“The speed is in the chassis”…which you are about to experience.

Just give it a good oil service, coolant check, ensure the famed “big brakes” are spot on, tyres are as they ought to be…and go for it keeping above 4.5 revs


Lovely looking car there! Thanks for the advice, looking forward to it!