NC 2012 PRHT Venture rear storage compartments

Just bought a 2012 2.0 litre and on looking in the owners handbook it talks of some storage compartments to the rear of the seats once they have been let forwards in addition to the lockable centre box.
However when I drop our seats forward there are just two panels with no handles or anything and they don’t appear to be capable of being opened.
It looks like there could have been storage compartments there, but not sure if the power hood would take up the space.
I have seen some rear panels on E Bay that seem to fit with the storage compartments but don’t want to get one if it won’t fit properly due to the folding hood.


Soft-top has storage there, PRHT needs the extra few inches.

Use a trim tool to lever the top of the panel forward, then you won’t break its plastic hooks at its base.

Storage compartment to rear of seat on soft top only.
No room on PRHT.

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Thanks for that folks.
I wasn’t sure as there are two large panels that will come off as RichardFX suggests but I didn’t think that there would be any spare room as the PRHT went away.
One thing I have noticed though is that the guy who designed the car must have drunk a load of tea or coffee during the design stage as the cockpit is full of cup holders all over the place but limited storage for anything else apart from the glovebox !!

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I would suggest that you avoid using the area that the roof folds down into for storing anything. Others have and then operated the roof, this tends to result in bent hinges and the risk of a large repair bill!


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Good advice from Richard I have seen at one of the rallies I attended a chap reduced to tears as he forgot his wife left loads of stuff in well for the roof and lowered it… what s mess…

Get into the habit of storing nothing there.

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I certainly wouldn’t risk storing anything in there either, but in saying that once we had got the car home from the dealers the other Friday after we had picked it up, looked in the gap as I explored how the top opened etc a day or two later and there was a can of tyre weld down the near side.
Took it straight out and thought how lucky we had been, but it obviously hadn’t been spotted at the garage.