NC 20th anniversary Aurora Blue hard top

This came with the car when I bought it but apart from driving it home from the dealer it’s probably only been on the car twice in 4 years. Decided it’s time to sell it and clear some space in the garage. Comes with a padded storage bag. Hard top is in excellent condition with just a little minor scuffing along the front edge but not very obvious and probably could be polished out or touched up fairly easily.

Don’t have any photos immediately to hand but will try and post some later.

Selling for £500. Buyer will need to collect from Woking or if reasonably local (within 10-15 miles) I can put it on the car and drive it to you. I don’t come on the OC forum very much these days so if you’re interested probably best to call me on 07515 356862 for a quick response, otherwise DM me here and I’ll try and check once a day.

Hi there, what colour is it ?
Thanks Dave.

Hi Dave, it’s Aurora Blue. If you Google the 20th anniversary edition you’ll see what it is. Apologies, just haven’t had a chance to take any photos as the weather has been so bad. Will try and do that over the next day or two. If you’re interested and nearby then you’re welcome to come over and take a look.

This is now listed on eBay. I will consider offers from OC members and potentially let this go cheaper than the listing price. Contact me through eBay if you want to make an offer.