NC 3.5 Stormy Blue?


Still on my journey for a NC 3.5, and having looked at about 10, I think the reason I’ve not dived in so far is that in my heart of hearts I really want one in Stormy Blue! However, there doesn’t seem to be many of these about? Lots of Platinum Silver(?) or black, but very few Stormy Blue?

Was this colour not popular initially or were there fewer of them available when new?

Although I’m far from anything like 100% sure but…I think Stormy Blue might well have been replaced/dropped at the Mk 3.5 roll out stage. My own (Mk 3 - an '07 car) and others in that colour, all appear to be the earlier model.
This is just an observation.

I’ve seen a couple of 3.5 Sports Tech on 09/10 plates?

Good luck in your searching then. Hopefully, after another 3, you’ll have reached 13.
Unlucky for some, could be lucky for you…

I have a 2010 sport PRHT in stormy blue (60 plate) …I’ve done 4000 dry miles in 3 years…spends all of its like tucked up under a quilt by the boiler in my garage !!

Let me know if you ever think of letting her go to a new home! :sunglasses:

Will do, I do think about it from time to time but can’t imagine not having it !!…it’s a beautiful car in absolute showroom condition

I think we all had the idea in our minds of the “ideal spec” when we first started on the quest for our MX5. However once on the journey, depending on the age of car we were looking for, it became apparent that maybe our ideal car did not exist or that when we found one there were problems. Maybe the mileage was too high, lack of service history or signs of the rust worm were starting to become apparent or even it just didn’t look “right”. I certainly had that experience. At that point you have to make a decision, carry on looking or review what you would like against what is actually available. I did that and ended up with an Option Pack 2.0 in Winning Blue , good service history, low miles and really nice clean condition rather than the red Sport I had originally wanted. And only 2 miles away against the 70 to 80 miles I had set as the furthest I wanted to travel. Whatever you end up with you will enjoy the drive and, if you are that way inclined, all work you can do on the car. Best of Luck!


I think I must of just dropped lucky, I got exactly what I wanted in mint original condition and very low mileage, rarely seen rain, never seen a winter and always garaged.

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The only thing not perfect about this is that it’s lacking a “For Sale” banner above it! :joy:

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They do exist! Here is my 2009 MK3.5, just after having the wheels refurbished last summer.

22k miles and unfortunately not for sale!

Good luck with your search

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Don’t tempt me - I have Caterham itch to scratch !

Part-ex’d my 2010 2.0 sport tech (25000 miles) in stormy blue in 2016. Wish I had kept it, it looked awesome with the ‘v’ spoke wheels. Haven’t seen another one since I have been back into MX5’s these last couple of years.

@Timmy_T where are you?
My brother in law was selling a 20th aniversary edition a few weeks back.
This is blue in colour, I believe Aurora Blue.

Wakefield area

Thanks for this, but ideally looking for something around the S West.