NC Automatic Gearbox - to maintain or not to maintain?

I’ve just bought my first MX5 a 2010 NC Powershift Auto.

One thing that’s bothering me a little is the absence of a dipstick for the auto box and the fact that there is no mention of maintenance for the gearbox in the service schedule.

I see a few people on this forum have attempted to change their automatic gearbox oil using Mazda’s rather complex procedure of shorting out specific wires and achieving the exacting temperatures required to get the right level. To be frank, as a DIYer, I wouldn’t feel confident enough to attempt this and perhaps more importantly I don’t think I’d trust most garages, even main dealers, to get it right either!

I remember my father in law asking his local garage to check and top up the auto fluid on his Honda Accord. Rather than following Honda’s procedure we think they just topped it up from cold. Result, an over full gearbox resulting in frothing oil and a car, which I inherited, with a hesitant and obviously failing gearbox. Perhaps this is the reason Mazda have made it so difficult for owners to self maintain their auto gearboxes?

So back to my question. Should I worry about my gearbox or leave it alone unless it starts to give me trouble at some point in the future?

I don’t know about the specific procedure for the nc powershift but if you can drain the old fluid carefully without losses and measure the volume you can fill with the same volume of new fluid without too much of a problem. If you are really keen you would match the temp of the new to the old by warming it.
I have used this technique when changing fl22 coolant as it ensures you have refilled completely and there are no air locks.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I’d leave it alone and I’ll bet that it never gives you trouble for as long as you own the car.

Thanks. I think that’s sensible advice and probably what Mazda themselves would say on the basis it’s not even in the service specifications.

When I think about it, of all the automatics I’ve owned I don’t recall ever having to top up their fluid levels. So why am I even concerned about this :thinking:! Must be my age :laughing:.