NC Bluetooth factory Head unit

Hi All, I have a 2007 NC with the stock head unit and no Bose. I bought a connects2 adapter to go in the aux port for streaming and it worked but the volume was very low compared to CD and Radio and quality was average so I have sent it back. Is there a proven solution to give Bluetooth streaming with good quality and volume levels? And if not does a standard AUX lead produce a decent volume from the factory head unit.

I would love a CarPlay unit but dont have £400+ to spend sadly

Thanks in advance

It could be the bluetooth volume on your phone is not at max.

You need to check the bluetooth volume when your phone is connected to the car via bluetooth.


Turning the head unit volume up to compensate for low volume from your streaming device will give poor quality every time.

The volume on my device was up full but still significantly quieter than any other source. This was the connects2


They also have 4 dip switches on side to adjust the volume.

I’ve had one for years and works great. I do need to make sure volume is up on phone but the sound is v good. You may have had a duffer

As in the connects two has a volume control ok the unit itself? I don’t recall seeing that


I use a gizmo that plugs into the power socket, receives the Bluetooth signal and then sends it via a cable to the aux in socket.
Works a treat.