NC Bose door speaker replacements

Hi All,

One of the Bose door speakers has disintegrated in my 5 due to someone fitting it with the shroud upside down so that it pools water rather than deflects :rage:

My question is, are there any reasonable replacements that I can just plug in to the existing amp with some wire tweaking or am I going to need to put in new head unit / amp / speakers etc?

On the back of the damaged speaker there will be a label with the speakers ratings on it like max power and resistance so you can match it up with the other. Alternatively replace both. There won’t be any need to replace the head unit. Matching the speaker to the amp is the most important thing so that it is driven correctly.

Just also bear in mind that the Bose speakers are a slightly different size to the none-Bose. I’m in the middle of replacing my speakers too but spreading the cost over a couple of months to get the ones I want. I recommend having a wee read at this article- I found it really helpful.

Also, I bought these from Amazon as Crutchfield suggest.

Very simple pieces of kit- all you need to do is strip a wee section of both wires, insert into the connectors and twist shut. No soldering or crimping required. Simples :grin:

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Thanks both, looks like the door speakers are 2.1 ohms so I need to get looking.

Looking at it I think based on the size I am going to need to go for 4 ohm speakers which will be quieter but at least I wont have the balanced turned to only one side of the car!

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Hi Rusti - I’m going through the same process here as my drivers door speaker is dead and like you I’ve been relying on fading the balance to the oppostie side!

I’m thinking of also upgrading the head unit to a DDIN one so i can get Apple car play etc. so not too worried about the ohm rating as i should be able to adjust settings to accommodate this…

What did you end up getting in the end and how was it? Would you mind sharing a link?

Are you in an NC? I replaced mine with Focal ISU200 which involved making a tweeter mount. Running off the Bose amp with no issue.

not sure if this is aimed at me or Rusti, but mine is an NC with the Bose pack. Did you find an off the shelf mount for the tweeter or fabricate it from scratch?

Hi all I too went with the focal package, the 8 inch woofers are in, haven’t got round to the tweeters yet.

No issues with plumbing it into the existing wiring just don’t use the supplied ones as they have filters in which won’t help

I made a simple plate that screwed in across where the tweeters were, and the Focal tweeter then attached to that. All pretty easy.

Rusty, so you didn’t use the cross over connectors? I did. (Pretty sure I read somewhere that it was best to use them). But I am not sure how the wiring works, is there a separate woofer and tweeter wire all the way from the amp, or does the same cable split when it gets to the door?

If the amp has the crossover, then I have another cross-over filter which may mean I am filtering out some of the range.

I am not 100% happy with how it sounds, and have thought about getting a new amp or running the speakers direct from the head unit. But removing the ‘extra’ crossover would be cheaper!

I am in a PRHT NC1 by the way, with a Pioneer DAB double din head unit.

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Am thinking of getting the BLAM BL-200RS as they may have a bit oomph than the focal. Depth is 74mm compared with 64 for the focals so may have to make up a spacer.
They are also 3ohm as opposed to 4 ohm for the focal so the Bose amp will work slightly better…