NC Bose Head Unit

I’d like to swap out my Bose 6CD for an Android Auto/Car Play head unit.

Has anyone done this?
Is the Bose unit superior to a standard unit?

Personally, I think the Bose unit is not very good. I’ve done this swap twice now in two separate NC’s. Once because I wanted a touchscreen unit and once because the Bose amp packed up. You will need a replacement car specific fascia and a Plug n play adapter harness. Some folk have got the wire cutters and soldering iron out but that’s not for me. You’re into about £90+ for those parts plus the new head unit. You can retain steering wheel controls too.


If you can do a search, there were a few accounts from members doing exactly this. The descriptives were very informative from what I remember.
Unfortunately it is likely that any photos will have been lost in the forum change.

You can scroll back through old posts. Here is an example.
[MX5 MK3 (NC) - Aftermarket DDIN/Stereo to replace Bose unit]
No idea if this is going to appear.Early days of learning new format and all that!!!

Thanks - that’s worked too.