NC Brake Pad clips

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I’ll be changing the brake pads on my NC this weekend (I’ve not done it before). When taking the calipers off one of these clips dropped out. I’m not really sure what they’re for or where they go but I’m pretty confident there should be an even number of them! One fell out of the drivers side, but I couldn’t seem to find one on the passenger’s side.

Could anyone shed some light on where they go and perhaps where I can get a replacement? (I’ve seen them on MX5 parts but I have to buy the whole set.

Thanks in advance!

Just one? That’s looks to me like an acoustic wear indicator. It’s clipped to the backing of one of the pads and designed that the protruding part will scrape on the disk and squeal to warn when the brake pads are nearly worn out. There may only be one fitted, and it’s normally (should be) fitted on an inside pad. Even then not every make of brake pad has them included in the box.



These hold the front pads into the pad carrier. There will be 4 in total 2 per pad. They are freely available from lots of suppliers on line. The one you are missing will be somewhere under the car, without it your braking would have been severely compromised.


This sounds very likely! That would make sense as I scoured the floor everywhere to make sure I hadn’t dropped one!

Thank you

I think that is a slightly different clip to the one you’re describing. I do have two retaining clips per brake pad, this was a third clip on one of them that I couldn’t seem to find on the other. I think it’s likely to be JS’s explanation above.

Thank you

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Yes it is a squeal indicator. Just clips on one of the pads and when it touches the disk when the pads wear down it squeals like a banshee. :joy::joy::joy:
Have them on my NC and a previous MX6. Guaranteed you will change the pads within 24 hours of them starting to squeal.
Far more effective than the electric wear indicators.
Just transfer them to your new pads.

Brilliant, thanks.

I have some Yellowstuff pads and it looks like the rears come with one already but the fronts don’t, so I shall fit this back on.

Thanks for all your help everyone

You’re correct, I was confused because on the last set of front padsI fitted I’m sure that the wear squealer contacts were actually attached to one of the brake pads. I also seem to recall that they were only on one pad in the set? Certainly the replacement kits contain 2 in the front clip sets. I generally replace all the retaining clips together with the pads as they are difficult to clean and the fresh clips plus ceratec lube seem to prevent brake groan and other noises. While you have the calipers exposed don’t forget to bleed the old fluid at least out of the caliper pistons as it seems to prolong the life of the seals etc.

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