NC Common Bush Failure/Wear?

Morning All,

My NC is starting to wander a bit in a straight line and is feeling a bit nervous in the corners - I’m suspecting a worn bush or two. I’m also getting a slip / squeaky groaning noise when when I’m approaching full bump e.g. on a speed bump at slow speeds etc.

Car has only done 37k miles but is a 2005 car - I’ve had the geo done by BBR recently and have good tyres all round (matching on the axles but different brand front to rear, however its always been like this and the wandering is fairly recent).

Question is is there a common bush that fails on the NC? And are they DIY’able to change by a competent DIYer without a bush press?

Also if anyone else has any suggestions for the wander do let me know!



to answer your question, No there isn’t really a common one that goes on the NC…


Mine use to wonder a bits BUT turned out to be a GEO/tyre/suspension combination…


I would start with the basics like tyre pressures etc…


Yes of course worn bushes “could” also be a factor and at fault but I wouldn’t have thought that to be the issue on such a low mileage car tnh

Sorry should have added pressures are good as well.

What were the suspension issues in your geo / tyre / suspension issue mix?


Track rod ends? Usual symptom of failure is vagueness steering and wandering in a straight line.

Check all ARB drop links as  well.


Must admit didn’t consider track rods ends, will check them!



all 4 drop links replaced on mine for last mot…cheap enough and easy job.


you really need too get it checked out on a ramp or pit 

if it suddenly started and you have checked all the obvious things tyres etc then a ramp it is 

we could all have a guess at track rod ends , top and bottom ball joints , inner wish bone arm bushes etc but get it checked out 

ARB links is the most likely

Arb links wont make a car wander in a straight line 

they do exactly what they say on the tin and stop the car body rolling in a bend 


Just thought I’d update with the cause for further reference - binding Drivers side caliper!

Was only giving off noticeable amounts of heat over the last week but having now changed it the car is driving like an MX5 again! Leads me to suspect that it has been binding a little for a while, thus creating a little bit of drag causing the symptoms previously described!

It properly failed last week with the usual massive overheating and smoke etc! So has now had 2 front calipers - now to see which of the rears goes first! :-p

Glad it is all fixed. Check the wheel bearing on the affected side is alright as it might have got a bit overheated. In fact some of the original symptoms would point to the bearing.

Regarding NC geometry mine has H&R lowered Suspension and was set up 

by the local speed shop and performed very well until I put new tyres on the back 

the oversteer was so bad that I took it back to Indigo Motorsport and they put it back 

up and rechecked everything and assured me nothing had moved !

Last resort swapped the new tyres to the front and the partly worn fronts to back 

Hey Presto as they say problem gone away ! 

So tyre choice can also be in the mix for handling problems.

Regards Joe