NC door speaker

I want to change the door speakers on my 2007 Mk 3 they are the standard not Bose. Can anyone recommend suitable replacement thanks

I fitted some Hlafords ones to mine.
Cheap and cheerful, but much better sound than the OEM ones.
It could have been these.

One thing I found though, as these have a tweeter built in, the in built tweeter at the to of the door made the sound too shrill for me.
I ended up disconecting the door tweeter.

Any 5x7 will fit on the hole nicely. If you are a bit more adventurous you can get an 8 incher in there with a bit of cutting of the door card. Just follow the cut out line left in the panel for the never fitted bose speakers. 8 inch compnent speakers [sererate tweeter] are few and far between so a 6.5 inch component set in a plywood spacer will give you the best of both worlds.

I’ve gone in a slightly different direction though. After fitting a set of 8 inch Alpine speakers I realised that no matter how large you go you are still fighting against a barrage of engine, chassis and wind noise, more volume is a short cut to tinnitus. They sound great in the garage but things go downhill the minute you start moving. Instead I have installed a bluetooth transmitter linked to a set of noise isolating ear buds. I have a defeat switch for the speakers so I can still use them when I want to. The ear buds block out the wind noise quite nicely and I can still use the steering wheel controls for the volume etc. It took a little bit of soldering and there is a bit of a fiddle starting things up but it’s so much more relaxing when you’re on the move

If you look on Mx5parts for their JVC speakers, I’ve just ordered a pair for my Mk3.
Expecting them today, obviously can’t comment yet but after reading reviews I went for them but from here below, lower price :+1:

I fitted the JVC ones last month.
(Got mine for £19.99 as I know you like a bargain!) :wink:
Edit- £19.50.

Thanks very much I’ll check them out cheers

Thanks, I’m tempted to go for the ones recommended by MickAP, however you have got me thinking because on the motorway etc any speaker will struggle. I’ve got to change them one has blown but I never thought about going Bluetooth cheers

Just had a look at them much cheaper on eBay which is great. I’m gonna buy them. I notice some trimming may be required but nothing to difficult. Keat63 makes an interesting point we may have to disconnect the tweeter. Thanks v much

Defo disconnect the tweeter. Its shrill as anythig with too many tweeters

When I bought my Mk1 MX5, the first thing I did was install a new head unit and the best speakers I could get. When sat in the garage it sounds great, but with the hood down on the move the sound is obviously not great. I therefore have done what the guy above did and I use bluetooth ear buds connected to my phone. The sound is great and as I have a lot of music and a link to the radio on my phone, I have no downsides. I can also use the phone if it rings. The only downside is you are cut off somewhat from the world outside. I am sure there is a safety issue here, as you become lost in your own world. However the sound is the best you will get.

Anything above 60mph hood down on the busy roads, dual or motorway is noisy. Your fighting even to talk to your passenger, phone calls, I just press end call😬
Hope the new speakers improve things a little.:+1:

You need to look for 8 X 6 speakers, the ones from MX5 parts are very good for the money and other than changing the wire terminals are plug and play. Great improvement, but the head units tends to be poor.
The ones from MX5 Parts are JVC, PIoneer also do a set.

I first tried using bluetooth on my phone. It was good but I didn’t like the way that I had to mess with the phone to change the volume or the station/track which could get me nicked. That’s why I connected the ear buds to a transmitter fitted to the head unit of the car. All the steering wheel controls and functions work [the mute button is especially useful if you feel isolated from the real world] just like normal but there’s less wind noise and I can actually hear what’s on the radio.

Added bonus. Noisy drain holes? don’t care I can’t hear them!

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Link to the £19.50 ones??

Yes, £19:50 link for me as well :star_struck: Please

Funny how many friends you can make!
I bought them last December from “Car Audio Centre” in the sale with free delivery.
£59.99 as we speak, madness.
JVC CS-J6820 £19.50
(Just tidied up copy and paste).
MX5 Parts have always cost more.

These have them for £29.99 inc delivery if that helps.

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I bough the same JVCs on special offer at the start of lockdown, noticeable improvement.

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Thats still a good deal… they do work well.

Car audio centre now £60.