NC front suspension creak

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2006 NC
  2. I’m based near: __tamworth
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __front suspension

New coilovers on and a couple of hundred miles in and very pleased. All knocking gone, ride sharp but comfy, just what I was after, however, I now have a creak from front drivers side. Noticed it at slow speed over bumps etc and can recreate on the drive by usual pushing down.

Tonight went through the obvious, or at least what I could think of. Each done individually to try and isolate the noise.

Removed drop link and arb bush and bracket
Loosened and re torqued top wishbone bolts, making sure hub was jacked up to running height
Removed strut brace (2 litre sport) and loosened three upper shock holding bolts
Loosened off top nut on coil over.

Everything was as it should be. Car is now back together all torqued up but the creak is still there.

My theory is top wishbone bush. This is where it sounds to be coming from. I’m sure they are original but they look ok (68000 miles).

Anyone seen this? Any suggestions? Could I spray lubricate the top bush? If so what with?

When Roddinsons aligned it, Paul pointed out one of the lower bush bolts was seized restricting adjustment. Replacing these isn’t a job I fancy but reckon top ones could be done

All ideas welcome

Did you grease the ARB bushes?

Mine was squeaking for ages until I finally figured it out!

Take off the two bolts that hold the ARB on, the whole bracket will come off. Pop out the rubber bushing, smother it in grease outside and inside, refit it, go for a drive… Do all 4 corners to be safe.

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You can get silicon spray, or other sprays that will be labeled as safe on rubber etc. Has worked for me in the past.
Google ‘rubber bushing lubricant spray’ for loads of buying options.

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Thanks Chris, yes fitted new arb bushes recently and greased them. This was in reaction to a different creak, turned out the be the passenger side door bush needed adjustment. Last night I disconnected the arb and the creak was still there

Yes, looks like this is the way forward. Did some googling last night and came to the same conclusion. Will see what I can get, thanks

Did you remove the thin clear plastic gasket from the original top mount and install on the coilovers at the fronts

Actually no. I switched springs to eibach a year ago and I recall these film gaskets were damaged so weren’t used. Interesting. Can replacements be bought?

The gasket is basically cellophane… Cutting out the shape from any similar plastic will do the job :+1:

Mazda part number is F151 34 003 us sites indicate only 2 or 3 quid each. Dealer should be able to get them.

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Thanks that’s really useful. Got two on order, £3 each. Will give silicon spray a go first and then fit these either way. Best put them in if they should be there

Just coming back on this topic. Today I managed to fit the clear plastic gaskets, simple enough job, all re torqued up, quick test drive and no creaking at all. Feels much better too but that is probably placebo.

Thanks to all. Learned something here and worth being aware of when fitting lowering springs or coilovers.

As the parts guy said, Mazda don’t fit parts without a reason…

Result! Glad to hear it’s resolved.