NC has water under passenger seat?


I recently bought a mk3 mx5 with the PFHT and noticed a lot of condensation and thought maybe it was just small cabin problems, however I saw that the carpet under the passenger seat was damp so water is getting in somewhere.

I just wondered where’s the best places to check for a leak and also I could not find much information about the drainage holes for the PFTH roof so was not sure if these were still an issue on this version.

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Search for NC scuttle grommets; quick and easy fix.

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Thanks will give it ago. Will do the drivers one as well.

MX5 Windscreen Cowl Grille Water Leak Repair Kit Genuine Mazda MX-5 Mk3 NC 05>15
Search eBay for the 2 grommets and little covers.
Straight forward once you know what you are looking at. :+1:

FYI - Ebay number 383212747200


That makes sense doing the kit, good spot, and good price.:+1:
Just take care getting the old ones out, I’ve read you can mangle the thin metal if you go at it too enthusiastically with a lever or such like. And do use sealant as well when replacing the new ones for good measure.:+1:

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Yes, I was worried about distorting the metal and maybe even damaging the paint and letting rust take a hold.
So, on balance, I decided to just seal the existing blocks with silicone sealant.
Worked a treat.

Direct link to product…

I ordered some and fitted them today, fingers crossed.

Added some sealant around the new clips just for a bit of extra protection.


Got our 2012 Venture PRHT in June and that was the first job I did, new scuttle grommets from MX5 parts and did the drivers side for good measure, silicone sealant on both for good measure.
Easy to follow guides on You Tube.

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