NC MK3.5 boot lid

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC Mk3.5 PRHT
  2. I’m based near: Leeds
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Boot lids

I bought a really nice Mk3.5 Sport Tech yesterday. My first ever MX-5. After research I will be going to Roddisons to get the wheel alignment checked and will also get the car undersealed as this will be a year round car.

The only thing wrong with the car is rust on the inside of the boot lid, around the boot lights. Is this common? And is it an easy fix?

I was reading about the soft top variant having an aluminium boot lid. If I tracked down a used one, can this be used with the PRHT?

i think the hardtop and soft top boot lids are differnt.
i know for a fact that the back ends of the 2 are different.

and yes it seems to be fairly common rust area.

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The PRHT boot lid is a different size and slightly different contures, the soft top lid won’t fit.
I treated my previous boot lid and repainted it. If your isn’t too far gone (holed) then it’s doable at home.

Thanks for the clarification on the boot lids. No, the rust is just surface, so I’ll attempt fixing it myself. I presume getting hold of Mazda paints is easy?

What’s the reason for this being a common rust area? Is it road water being sprayed up from the rear wheels?

A common problem with the the dirt collecting there plus they didn’t give that area a proper coating of paint and lacquer.
I always give it a good clean and dry out each wash under that part of the boot lid.

Had problems there on my last NC, aluminium boot lid so it was superficial bubbling, nevertheless unsightly. The PRHT lid is steel so rust to deal with first, something like a rust converter after you’ve ground the stuff away.

Below I used my Dremel to grind the corrosion away on the ali surface, primer coats, finish coat then a lacquer coat which Mazda omitted there. The lights are clipped in so is that black plastic blanking plate central.


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Great, thanks for the advice and info