NC Mk3 Double Din

Hi all. Purchased the full kit for the double din but the new Pumpkin didn’t fit (front bezel). Can anyone recommend a decent head unit that does fit? Thank you

Mine below definitely fits. I used the Connects2 facia kit and used the finishing trim that came with the kit not the one that came with the unit.
It’s a JVC KW m745DBT and I bought it when discounted. They are over £300 to buy now though.

I just got the Dremel out when I fitted my Xtrons unit.

Gosh I was worried about taking the saw to the surround that came with my own, the kit for the facia bezel was just 3mm too small to fit and I wouldn’t be skilled enough to make the attempt. Thank you for responding, very much appreciated. Robert

Do you like it? Might be able to get a good deal on one.

Really nice. I have ordered a Pioneer which am assured will fit without adjusting so will give that a go, they recommended the reverse camera number plate mount as well so hopefully the wife will stop knocking over children, the elderly and wheelie bins. I will send you photos next week after I have installed (without cursing once). Thank you

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First time yesterday to put the unit to test. I reported in another thread that I had slight DAB signal problems. Well it never dropped out once yesterday even with the dash cam on.
Also I’ve mastered the voice control part. So now with the unit hooked up to my phone via Android Auto I can ask it to play Amazon music, Spotify or direct me with the navigation from Waze or Google maps.
It’s all new to me but I’m learning. Even the missus has mastered it, she couldn’t find anything on the other unit I had installed and I usually leave her to find stuff to play/listen to whilst I concentrate on the road.

Morning Mick,

Could I ask what DAB aerial you installed. I have a Connect2 kit and windscreen mounted aerial sitting on the dinning room table, waiting to be fitted.
Any advice, tips or guidance would be appreciated.


The aerial…

It was very similar to the last stick on windscreen aerial I had fitted but the connection to the head unit from it differed. The previous one didn’t stick very well to the screen anyway so I ripped it off and started again.
Just make sure you get a good earthing with the aerial to the A pillar when installing, you need to remove the paint properly down to bare metal. The windscreen pillar trim removes easily, it just pulls off towards you if you give it a firm pull. You need to remove the hood catch striker plate that side first, two torx bolts. You find a route for the cable under the dash ok.
Re the facia kit fitting it’s pretty easy. Working on the NC1 facia (mine) just pull out the two triangular side pieces that sit between the radio facia and console to reveal a screw at each side. Once these have been removed the radio unit pulls out with a firm tug. Before trying though if you’ve never removed the radio before you may have a 10mm bolt holding the radio in, that’s located on the right side of the radio unit. To save me trying to explain any further there are excellent YouTube videos showing the procedure, you need the 10mm socket on a long extension bar.
Once the unit’s eased out you need to disconnect it from the wiring loom and aerial and also remove the connections to the 3 dials heating/ vent control unit. The whole unit then comes free so you can transfer the heat/vent dials over to the Connects2 facia and fit your new head unit, you’ll find see better once out how these are fastened in.
Most important, disconnect the battery before doing any work electrical to be safe.
You most likely will require an ISO lead to mate the cars loom to the new head unit (cheap enough) and steering wheel control module if you want that function to carry over to the new head unit. They are head unit specific so like mine I had to buyt the appropriate JVC cabled unit.
Dynamic Sounds online are a good place to search for parts, I got mine from there, good service, quick delivery.

If you want any help, re what parts to order and how it all goes together give me a shout, message or whatever.

That’s brilliant. Thanks very much for the detail and kind response.
Tomorrow is D day, so you may find a message for help in your inbox.
Thanks again.

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Yep. Fitted like a dream. Delighted. We purchased the Autoleads kit, didn’t work, waste of time. Made all the correct pin settings etc. DEAD. The Pioneer is fine on manual settings. Disconnected the Autoleads system, put back in the box, recycled, £50 wasted. Hey-ho.

I’ve read that you can’t cross connect Autoleads leads/harnesses with the Connects2 branded.

Happy to report that today went well. Sony double DIN with Connect2 facia panel, audio leads and steering wheel lead all fitted, all working. DAB screen mounted aerial fitted and reception is really good.
Don’t know what I was worried about!:crazy_face:


@MickAP Thanks for your info. So the loom does not have ISO-plugs?

You will require the ISO lead below (other suppliers available) This is to adapt the cars head unit connection on the loom to your specific aftermarket head unit connection, they differ.

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Thanks. Any idea why this would be Bose only?

I would say the wiring loom would be configured as such to provide a live connection to the amp. Non Bose wouldn’t obviously need that.

When I fitted a non Bose aftermarket head unit in my Bose equipped MK2 (it was an import) I needed to configure the wiring a little different to a normal install. There wasn’t anything on the market as such as a way of plug n play. I needed to slightly rewire the loom to enable the amps for the Bose speakers to receive a power feed. Easy enough to do after a bit of internet searching and the valuable info provided by the membership on car forums.