NC MX-5 speaker blown

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC 1.8L Kendo
  2. I’m based near: Oxfordshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Speaker

Hi all, my driver side door speaker has blown as when I turn up any music on the radio, the speaker become rattely and distorted. Are there any reccomendations of what speakers to use? I know there are a set on MX5 parts, but I’m not sure if they will work with the stock tweeters in the car.


Edit: thanks all, got an original part👍

I replaced mine with some I bought from Halfords about 8 years ago. Possibly Vibe… but can’t remember now to be fair.
The ones I fitted had tweeters installed, and I found with the stock tweeter, that the sound was too bright for me, so I ended up disconnecting the stock tweeters.

Plenty on ebay

I replaced both of mine with a pair of Pioneer TS-A6880F ones, which are physically the same size. I bought some interconnection cables to connect from the spade terminals on the speakers to the car side Mazda specific connectors.

The MX5 speakers come fitted with a plastic shield over the back protecting the speaker from any water which can (and does) run inside the doors (and drains out of the bottom😉). I removed those shields and fitted them to the backs of the new speakers.

I still have the old original speakers which are in good working order and you are welcome to them (f.o.c) if they are of interest. I live near Malvern (about 60 miles from Oxford) and would be happy to meet you halfway if you’re interested to have them. Of course you would have to swap the rain shield over from your broken one.


JBL was my preference