NC OE gear knob - price! Alternatives/refurb?

Hi all. My model of MX-5 is: NC1 2.0 sport

Spent the weekend getting my moms black leather interior back to almost like new, really surprised by how good these cars age and tidy up; but the OE gear knobs silver surround while more than presentable for 70k miles just lets the rest of the side down.

Thought it would be an easier fix to simply replace and while I am kind of used to BMW M tax was shocked to see OE 6 speed gear knob was £166 (this one Gear Knob, Leather & Chrome, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75 6 Speed – MX5 Parts )

The leather is good but has anyone refurbished the silver/chrome ring? Feels like it maybe plastic which would need to be separating to spray and suspect it would not end well, or is it actually metal and could be polished in place?


Seen a few on eBay which look identical to the OE but at a fraction of the price, so I suspect too good to be true - anyone tried one?


Go after market, any recommendations, (admin edit0, don’t want to spend too much and not to crazy.


The one from the RX-8 is nice.

I stripped mine, polished the alloy ring, then lacquered, but the lacquer didn’t last long.
I’d be interested in a cost effective solution also, and I’d prefer to keep it stock.

£15 off ebay - does the job for me

Good to know it’s possibly to strip it down and sounds like it’s actually metal vs a plastic chrome ring. Can I ask was it easy to remove the chrome ring without bending it out of shape?

I have picked up a ND OEM one from ebay for a good price, it needs a little bit of TLC but looks easier to refurb and I can then have a play with NC one with little less fear.

You have to remove the face plate with the gear gate picture, then the ring is held in place with a screw.
I’m considering maybe having it chrome or nickel plated.