NC Rear Wheel Bearing replacement

Hi all

After changing the tyres, brakes, calipers, discs, pads etc I have now put the noise coming from the rear down to a worn/dry wheel bearing.

i have been looking for some guides on how to change it but with no success.

Anyone got a guide available or have you done it yourself? Is it possible to do at home without specialist tools?

Thanks in advance


You really need a hydraulic press to press the bearing out of and into the upright. Getting the upright off the car is simple enough assuming there are no siezed bolts. I usually undo the ball joints rather than work at the bushed end of the suspension links. There is one link with a steel pinch bolt gping through the alloy upright that can sieze of and proper. You may have to undo the bushed end for that one.

Sounds like a job for the techs at work 




And pressing it out usually needs a much bigger press than pressing it in.  Also, heating an alloy housing can help a lot with extraction.

Many, many years ago I changed the rear wheel bearing on my old Mk2 Zephyr, in the street, in Nice. 

A local machine shop helped with the extraction.  Fly press, no.  5 tonne press, no.  10 tonne press and heat, no.  35 tonne press and heat, yes with a massive big bang.  During the previous twelve years the old bearing had made a cold weld to the housing. 

The new bearing went in with gentle hand pressure in the fly press.