NC Remote window operation?

Hi all, my first post here, so please be gentle with me :wink:
It seems that on US spec NC’s an owner can wind down the windows with the key fob remote. One short press to unlock then one long press within about 1 second winds the windows down.
I have a UK 2012 Sport Tech PRHT and it doesn’t do that. Sooo… does anybody here know if UK or Euro models don’t have this function… and if there’s a programming or parts workaround to make it happen?
I’ve done a search but can’t find anything on this (but I accept that might be my bad!).
Thanks in advance for any insights (or insults),

Yes, I saw that information about the remote window operation on models for some markets too (a few years ago I think).

I can confirm that this doesn’t seem to be a feature of UK cars - mine’s a 2012 PRHT Sportech too & it’s never been possible to lower or raise the windows remotely on my car.

Thanks Andy. Wonder if there’s a fix to make our UK cars have this feature? Anybody know…?

Watching this thread with interest

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I wonder if this is something that could be enabled via an obd scanner and appropriate software…

Definitely seems to work on post-2006 American cars - there’s a thread about it over on, though most people there are complaining about coming back to their cars and finding the windows open!

Personally, I’d find it much more useful if you could CLOSE the windows remotely (I keep forgetting to close the windows after closing the PRHT, and then have to turn the ignition back on to shut them).

I’d be surprised if it could be enabled on European cars just by a software change; I suspect that there will be some hardware involved. It might just involved swapping in a new window control module?

I wouldn’t bother. My Audi has this remote open/close feature, which I’ve never used intentionally. However, last weekend when it was parked outside I came down on Sunday morning to find all the windows open by about 40 mm and it had rained. I’d obviously activated it accidentally at some time. Luckily I’d not opened them completely. First time it’s happened, but not exactly ideal.

Agree with JS46 entirely.
Likewise with Philip, if you locked the car and the windows shut automatically that would be beneficial.

Have it on our Volvo and previous other cars and used it once to try it out really.
Certainly not something I would try and fit retrospectively.
Each to there own of course, but to me it’s pretty pointless. :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be worth looking at the Smart top accessory

SmartTop is great (have one on my MX-5 and on my 335i, and have previous had them on M3 and Z4M) but it doesn’t do anything at all with the windows on an NC MX-5.