NC roof drain location.... FOUND!

After spending the last hour blindly poking around the cavity under the plastic trim with my tool I finally found the hole! No chance of “any hole is a goal” here. Anyway, enough innuendo.

I’m not sure if my trim is a little loose but I was able to pull it back slightly and realised I could actually see the trombone brush in the drain hole, so I took a picture for future reference. It’s not the best photo but you can at least get an idea of the angle and distance needed.

that slither of silver you can see in the red circle is the brush shaft, the left hand side of it is where the hole is located. The lip (my finger is pushing against) is usually right above the hole. This is from the passenger side

Following this discovery I was actually able to locate the drain hole 1st time every time so I thought I’d post it here to hopefully help future hole explorers. I feel like this is the photo the internet is missing but maybe I’m just blowing my own trumpet or should I say trombone since we all have the brush for it.

Hopefully this helps someone somewhere at some point.


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post 15 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

doh, wish i found that this morning before spending an hour poking my car with a trombone brush
(haha only on an mx5 forum is that not a weird statement)

…really thought I’d solved an age old problem there, all I can hope for is a Tesla/Edison scenario where someone else does all the work but i get all the credit

Presumably the soft top is different but on my nc2 prht, the drain is only accessible by popping the plastic grill out with your fingertips.

I gather there are some sort of flaps at the bottom of the hole , without sounding too pervy, which stop the road noise coming up behind your head and sounding like worn wheel bearings or a noisy Diff, if they are not there, as on my MK3 ,I cut up 2 peices of car wash sponge into roughly 3" long by an inch and a bit square and pushed them up into the hole from underneath after pulling the trombone brush through ,which shows you where the hole is, and left about an inch sticking out, so you can pull them out when you want, this cuts the noise right down and any water has a chance to soak through and drip out, although I do check them fairly regularly.

You do need to check them.

I left mine for a bit and rhe sponge got all choked up, so the drains overflowed…