NC Sport cruise control

Has anyone tried to buy an OEM steering wheel cruise control switch insert? Secondhand cruise steering wheels are very thin on the ground (and expensive). I would prefer to update my existing steering wheel by swapping the plain right spoke steering wheel insert for one with the cruise switches. I intend to buy an aftermarket cruise control kit which has the option of utilising their control stalk or the OEM switches. Assistance/guidance welcome!

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2008 NC 2.0 Sport manual
  2. I’m based near: __Preston
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __retro fit cruise control

Try here not just a case of fitting controls

If you are going to utilise Mazda switches on the steering wheel, then I suspect but can’t be sure that you may need more than just the switches fitted to the steering wheel. Because the steering wheel rotates there must be a way of getting an electrical connection from the moving wheel to a non moving part. Years ago On a Ford I owned, I remember a pick up ring behind the wheel which was fixed at the top of the steering column shroud. The contact from the switches pushed against this ring.
I am assuming that this system is used on the NC but hopefully someone can confirm. If so you will need to check that you have this part as well.

Hope that makes sense!

The nc uses a clock spring as found in most cars these days. This may or may not have connections for the cruise side, I cant remember. It would not surprise me to find that the connections are there as Mazda are pretty good at keeping the looms the same across different spec cars. The non ac cars have all the wiring for the ac as an example

Thanks for that. As it happens, that is the kit I am contemplating buying. I intend to have specialists fit it as I am a bit to creaky to spend a day upside down in an MC-5 cockpit!

Hi, thanks for that you make very good points. Maybe the ‘add on’ stalk is the more straightforward answer.

Many thanks, I will talk to the specialist outfit who I will be asking to do the job.