NC sports cat

The 200 cell unit was added by go performance as the original 150 they put on failed emissions. It has been on for less than a year probably done much less than 2000 mikes but not more

can send pics if you give me an email address. I live just north of Cardiff and am looking for £100 plus for the unit.



It wasn’t to noisy by any chance was it 

Hi, no it failed on emission, the 200 cell got it through. It’s worth noting though I was given an advisory on exhaust being louder than standard 

Is this the whole mid pipe with silencer? 

at least you got them to change the cat I gave up with them mine came with a 100 cell cat and I gave up trying to get go perform to sort it so stuck a 200 in myself 


Evening both, it is only the cat. I have just cut that section out as the car is now used for track use only. In fairness to Lee he has been ok with me, he did try  to charge me for a modification but I reminded him that he confirmed MOT compliance when offering me the conversion.


some people seem to have no problem with them I wonder if this is because they don’t have any faults with what he sells

my personal experience is to stay as far away from him as I can and warn others to do the same 


sorry op for hijacking thread 

can you send me a pic of the cat (i might get it for a spare)

Hi I am so sorry I’ve missed this reply. I can send a picture if you give me your email? Sorry still can’t post pics on forum