Nc stock air intake inlet position

Does anyone have any pictures of an nc with the front bumper off showing where it draws it’s air from on the stock inlet/airbox?

I’ve noticed cobalt do a snorkel that provides cold ramair directly from behind the front grille. I’m not one for fitting induction kits any more as I don’t find they do a lot, but this is fairly inexpensive and looks well designed. If the stock inlet tube draws air in from the side this should be more efficient at feeding cold air.

Thanks in advance. :+1:

The internet is an amazing place:

The above matches the parts diagram too:

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Thanks very much for the info. I did since find the photo of the bumper removed but the parts diagram is very helpful too.

It appears as though the cobalt could indeed do a better job of supplying cold air due to where it’s taking it from, for the price I think I’ll take a punt. If anyone else has any opinions they’d be appreciated.

Just wondering if putting the intake so low might make it susceptible to water ingress if you hit a large puddle

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Not when I’m a fair weather driver it won’t, got a family hatch for that. :grin:

Just took delivery of this very item today,

Looks well made, fool proof instructions, bolt and thread lock also supplied.

Scoop entry looks to sit around midway of front grille height so no chance of water ingress unless your driving through a ford :see_no_evil:

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I’d be interested to learn how it sounds.
I doubt but that you’ll see any performance gains though.

If you manage to get any pics and a review that would be great. :+1:

:rofl:it’s on a too do list , ongoing project , loads of parts to fit, cars in bits…loads of them :roll_eyes:.

However as the front bumper and lights are already off (which needs doing to fit), I’ll do this first :rofl:

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Probably not mate , just a more direct air flow.

I’m guessing if this was available for a young man’s Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 se…it would probably give an extra 1000bhp :rofl:

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Just seems good value if it has a positive effect. I’d expect more if a nett positive from something like this than an open ‘warm air intake’ even though I always liked them.

I just like the idea as if and when I bbr turbo the car it retains the stock airbox and this may be beneficial.

I’ve previously been reading on ram air systems, and the general consensus is that you need to be doing about 150mph for any effect.
If you go down the turbo route, I’m pretty sure you’ll need an intercooler, and I’m guessing that the stock intake is probably redundant.

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Of course, but in theory the cooler the intake air is to begin with the cooler the charge air should be in even after being intercooled. I have an air intake temp monitor built into my nguage which would give me a real world view of if it’s makes a difference or not. I just think there’s a better chance of pulling colder denser air from there than behind the bumper above the radiator…

The stock intake is retained on a turbo converted car, just routed into the cold side of a turbo and through the intercooler system before hitting the throttle body instead of being fed straight in.

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