NC to replace my NB?

Greetings all,
So the tin worm has finally killed my much loved NB2.5 and am now on the hunt for my next 5.
Have been looking at the NC3.75 2 litre - but I’ve never driven one - any owners out there made the swap and regretted it - or now prefer the NC to the NB ?
Not in a panic as it’s a weekend car and after my second NB (first one died of rust too !) I think it’s time I updated (don’t want the ND as it’s out of my price range for a 2 litre without the early gearbox problems)
Any feedback or comments greatly received, thanks :sunglasses:

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In 2013 I bought a 2001 1.6 Isola which I enjoyed - it was my first sports car, In 2017 I had the opportunity to upgrade to a 2011 2.0L RC in Copper Red and have no regrets.
Both cars were bought from Carl at CBS Autos, Nelson, who I have always gone to for maintenance.
He has also serviced my wife’s Mazda 2 and my other car - a Skoda Yeti.

…loved our Nb (2.5), tried a NC, but preferred an ND…each to their own, and I guess it’s what you want out of an MX?

I haven’t tried an ND but I have no plans to change my existing car which has only covered 29500 miles. I am the second owner and it was a Mazda demonstrator also. It is a stunning car - I love the Copper Red.
My Isola was also red. If I ever buy an ND I will buy one in Soul Red - I think that’s the name of the colour.
The last colour I would buy a sports car in would be black!

I have owned a Mk2.5, Mk3 and currently a Mk4. Favourite the Mk2.5, least favourite the Mk3 2.0 Sport I bought new in 2007. But every MX5 owner has different ideas as which is the best one in their opinion.

They’re quite different cars really, whilst clearly showing the same DNA

Loved my 1998 NB 1.8 (which I Iconified with wooden wheel/gearknob/handbrake/dash and leather seats) but it in the end it just felt like hard work to drive - it was a daily driver and I wasn’t using it for fun at all.

Swapped it for a Peugeot 206CC and regretted it almost instantly. 18 months later got my 2007 NC Icon 2.0 which is just a joy - love the extra power and smoothness and now I’ve fitted the sport Bilsteins it’s just about perfect.

On balance, I prefer the NC - less focussed perhaps, but a more pleasurable drive with lovely power characteristics.

Oddly enough, I never liked the shape of the NC before I bought one - still prefer the NB TBH - but it’s grown on me.

Out of interest, what didn’t you like about the Sport?

I’ve always felt that the 17" wheels and 6 speed box were a bit unnecessary, so all I wanted was the Bilsteins and I’ve got those now!

I was never happy with the handling, the six speed gearbox was a pig in cold weather, seat was not adjustable for height so wife refused to drive the car and I generally felt disillusioned with my first MX5 after all the hype. Only understood the hype when I tried a Mk2.5 1.8 Arctic and loved everything about the car, except for it’s reputation for rust in the front chassis legs.

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