Nc trim screws

Anyone direct me towards a supplier of the screws with spinning washers used all over the NC? Think they fix the plastic under tray to the front bumper along the front lip and also two on the top of the rear bumper under the boot lid lip.

Here’s one:

MX5 parts
68 pence each

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Ouch!, but thanks guys…

Was going to stock up but maybe just buy what I need

These Tek screws fit.

I bought my pack a year or so ago for something completely different, and I’ve only just remembered they came on a slow boat from the far east. So if you need one in a hurry then pay more from MX5 parts or eBay.

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Actually, those look more like it, the ones I need have a captive, but free to rotate washer, the MX5Parts ones seem solid

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The Mx5parts bolts say they fit the gearbox cover and front under tray. Those need a 10mm socket/spanner to undue.

I found one missing and two different lengths, 19mm and 22mm, in the six locations when I did the DRL mod, the main differences with the Tek are having a sharp point instead of the blunt tip on the originals and no Philips cross-head slot, just 8mm Hex. I just hope it does not fall out and give someone (me?) a puncture.

I’ve ordered a few from Amazon, but yes, the originals are very blunt nosed. I think the two examples I gave are different. The ones I need really are the two that fix the rear bumper to the body, just inside the wheel arch lip, or I think, the two each side that fix the plastic splash guard at the back of the rear wheel arch. The originals are a bit grotty

Thread length 15mm

Yes, 15mm thread on the 19mm overall for the original, and 19mm thread with 22m overall as with these ( -ish measurements from memory when looking to buy).