NC variants

I am looking for a 3.75 Sport Tech Roadster. I see ads for 25th Anniversary and Venture models. Are these just cosmetic variants of the Sport Tech, and are there any others (again of the Sport Tech) please?

Am I right that the only one in Soul Red is the 25th Anniversary?

Various models available in UK above.

Basically they do 1.8 or 2ltr versions of most probably except the 25th anniversary unsure.
Soft tops or coupes (roadster PRHT)

Generally the 1.8 came without LSD, Bilsteins or strut brace and were 5 speed, some special editions came as 2 ltr 5 speeds too.

Been looking lately myself, the Venture models had Sat Nav the later models the Alpine unit, Sport Techs had the standard radio but the Bose version.

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Yes it was a ‘special’ colour just for the 25AE when it was released. There were 1099 made and they are fully spec’d up.

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In addition.
The 2013 (1st 3.75) 3.75 Sport Tech (as mine PHRT 2.0) came very well equipped really.
It’s “None Bose” and came with the Sanyo NVA SD8110 TomTom unit.
I, and many others have replaced that unit.
I looked at the Venture, but didn’t like brown leather seats. All a matter of opinion of course.
But does look good with a white car.
The 2014 models until the end were equipped with the Alpine Audio/Sat Nav units.
A few low miles cars about and a bit of advice, be patient and travel afar to get a good one.
I flew from Bristol to Inverness as it was 3 years old, 6000 miles, the colour and model I wanted and only 13K (not a lot less now by the look of it to be honest) in 2016.
Enjoy your search. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for all the info. I should have included that I am looking for a 2.0L, 6 speed PRHT. I have been looking around for a definitive list of models for a long time but never found the one referred to above. That clarified that there is the Venture (tan seats) and Sport Venture (stone coloured seats).

I don’t like the pale seats in the 25th Anniversary, but I love the Soul Red. Do I put up with the seats or go for a black, blue or silver one? Obviously, it depends on what is available and in good nick at a sensible price. I am planning on keeping it for a long time - it may very well be my last ever car!!!

There just might be an order for Bilt Hamber in my future.

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I have a specific requirement, I’ve been looking recently, PRHT, 2 litre 6 speed and trying my best not to choose a car with an all black interior and I don’t want blue, grey or black body colour. Hence the Venture or Sport Venture, the latter I like better.
I stalled on one last week, price was too high, looking again at other prices it was cheap. I was about to go take a second look today, yesterday PM it sold, I regret not going for it earlier now.
Still I can hold out, get over this increase in folk wanting a summer toy, they’ll be back on the market again soon. The one I was going for already had 3 owners and only covered 22k miles.

I bought my 25 Anniversary Edition sight unseen from Autotrader within 1 minute of the advert going live. It just felt like the planets had aligned as I’d just missed out on another that morning. When I collected it, they said there was a waiting list of over 40 people who had contacted them asking to buy it if I didn’t follow through with the purchase. The dealer seemed a bit gutted when I arrived the following day to collect. I paid cash, and then refused all the extra ■■■■ they tried to sell me (protection/ service plans/ etc etc). I walked away very happy with my unseen purchase, and absolutely loved the car the moment I got behind the wheel. Mine is definitely a keeper :beers:

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Funny old world, I bought mine unseen too. I think you have to rely some what on the integrity of the seller. Ours is a keeper too. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I had a budget set which I wanted to stick too and had my heart set on the 25 Anniversary Edition. Was prepared to travel, and potentially walk away, but with 19k miles, 1 owner and receipts for every penny spent, I knew I’d found what I was looking for :ok_hand:
This car was bought with heart rather than head, but YOLO, and I’m so glad I took the plunge, favourite car I’ve ever owned, even though it’s the cheapest!

This is the colour of a Sport Graphite which is a deeper red than Soul but similar.

That looks great :+1::+1::+1:

I swapped my Sport Graphite for a 25 AE (980) but then I’ve moved on to NDs since then. I still miss my 25AE it was a really nice car.

Edit: I still have the jacket and model that came with it

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A mate has a white Sport Venture and very nice it is too.
Sports suspension that is surprisingly compliant, sat nav and heated leather seats

NC’s look good in any colour.
Do not let a good one pass you by just because it has the wrong hue. You can always get it wrapped!