NC1.8i Limp mode feel


I have picked up my new project and have a few issues to deal with, she’s a 56 plate MK3 1.8i with 91k on the clock, love the way she looks, its my first convertible 


so, bad bits so far…


Clutch bites almost as soon as I lift it from the floor (Ive read it may be the slave cylinder

She revs to 3000 rpm and then runs in to treacle and just will not rev out, almost like she is in limp mode though she does accelerate gently

Seat belt tensioners ( a weekend project)


My wants for the future


Leather seats

New DaB radio

Boot suitcase rack


all told i am so pleased I took the plunge. oh nearly forgot I have an RS sticker on the back underneath the MX5 badge, is this genuine, if not ill tke it off



The low clutch biting point could be pedal related. Do a search, there are a number of threads on the subject.

This thread may be useful.

Have you run a check for error codes with an OBDII error code reader  

Cheers Rhino666

the thread on the clutch has eased my mind a lot - thank you

Ok, I’ve run a diagnostic through Torque pro and there are no fault codes showing ??

So, still have this limp mode feeling, its not misfiring or missing, it just fails to rev, clutch isnt slipping.

Im going to fully service it by the weekend, plugs, oil and air filters, Il also clean the maf sensor with carb cleaner.

Failing that any other ideas?, Ive read reports on blocked cats and at over £600 Im hoping this is the last resort ??

Any ideas greatly appreciated

That is a possibility as no error codes - have you checked the exhaust pressure from the tailpipe?

An emissions report, the one from the last MOT should give some clues.  

If there is issue with the catalytic converter there are cheaper options, send me a private message.   


Ok, an update 

New air filter and plugs, no change 

New MAF sensor and a tank of V Max fuel and shes so smooth, revs well to 3500 slows to 5000 and its allmost like someone flicks a switch at 5000 and she’s away like a banshee.

I had read you have to rev these cars but didn’t realise how high you have to keep the needle to make best progress 


Happy chappy