ND 1.5 Owners, fancy an extra 20hp?


Star Chip Remap, mainly just words to me, seems to be some black magic to me to easily release 20hp out of a brand new car without touching induction/exhaust…

It’a on Facebook so it must be right!!!

I think it probably is right looking at the dyno chart, Star chip is just the name of the tuning package I believe , there’s no EcuTek support for the ND yet.

Does it invalidate the Mazda warranty?

Almost certainly.

And your insurance if you don’t declare it.


would be worth checking as BBR are Mazda approved

It will only be certain parts of the warranty that will be invalidated, however as my dealer said for the mk3, there are very few warranty claims in the first place. So in many ways your trying to preserve something that your unlikely to need, the 3 year warranty is designed imo to attach you to a dealer for that period and beyond.

As long as it isn’t a VW software “upgrade” we should be fine ??

How does this type of chipping affect the emissions and thereby the MOT. There doesn’t seem much point if it just ends in MOT failure by not meeting its spec.