ND 1500 > 2000

I have seen a ND 1500 with a rattling engine and  slight front end damage on a trade site at the right money,

I fancy dropping a 2000 (ND) engine into it, has any one done this? any complications?

I have been told the clutch plate is different.

All the cars even the earliest ones are still in warranty just.

The only person on here who has got down and dirty with the cars only works on 2 litre cars.

Therfore no one has a clue on that count.

The car  I am looking at is an insurance right off, so warranty no loner applies

Are S/H  2 ltrs ND engines coming on the market?


Have a look on eBay a few cat B cars for breaking only

Would you be able to fit it for me if I can locate one?


Everything is possible…I like a challenge!!


Everything is possible…I like a challenge!!


Thanks, I will call in for a chat when next in the area, are you close to Meadowhall in Sheffield?


feel free to call in anytime