ND 1st Service


My ND RF is due it’s 1st service in August/September, the car will be on c6k and 12 months old.

Has anyone had a recent main dealer service and how much should I expect to pay?

It depends on where you are. Ring a few dealers ‘local’ to you and politely ask for their best price and see where that leaves you.
Some of the better value dealers will substitute the Mazda oil for a correct alternative oil to save money, this is not an issue for me but if it bothers you check when you request the quotation.
I would aim for sub £200 for a first service. We use Petch Darlington and make a day of it.

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Thanks for the reply, I’m in Gloucestershire, Darlington might be a mile or 2 outside my range.

£200 is pretty reasonable, I’m so used to overly expensive Audi costs I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Ours is due it’s 1st service in July (only 1600 miles :frowning: ).

We have booked it in to the dealer we got it from and they have quoted £185.

Probably a lot for an oil change and ticking boxes but no choice with a new car really…

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1600 miles in 12 months?

Time to fill her up and put some miles on.

Usually I’d be around 10-12,000 miles but working from home has helped reduce that significantly.

Gloucester quoted £225 and dropped straight to £200 when asked if that’s the best they could do.

I’m retired so my annual mileage is very, very low and my ND 30AE is just coming up to it’s first service with 625 miles “on the clock” and my ND SE-L NAV is due for it’s fifth service next month and that will only have done around 5725 miles. Both cars came with a Mazda three service contract and when they end(ed) I use the local independent who’s a MX5 buff.

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We took out a 3yr service plan, in the long term it works out cheaper…

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Makes sense, nice collection there.

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I never seem to keep cars that long so didn’t take it out but the RF is the 1st car I haven’t been thinking about what is going to replace it after a few months.

I think someone recently posted they paid £260 or thereabouts which seemed very high to me. I have a 3 year service plan.

One suggestion : Put a big DO NOT WASH sign in the windscreen and make sure it’s on the service form as well - mine was damaged during its “customer care” after the service and the cost was £450 to repair the scratches and ceramic coating!


Good idea on the do not wash :+1:


…Expected to do a lot more miles, but being in Wales we have been on lock down for the last 3 months … :frowning:

…and as for Country boy having 2 MX5’s…well that’s plane greedy… :slight_smile: …how do you decide which one to drive?

And tape another to the steering wheel, and get the service manager to read it back to you off the service sheet.

Even so, my gleaming immaculate ceramic polished NC with its freshly Rainex-ed windows was STILL washed, leaving streaky water marks and smeared windows and adding two obvious long scratches in the lacquer, all of which I pointed out.

I was offered a free wash!
I was so tempted to say “I’ll not be back.” but there is not much choice on where to get the car properly serviced around here.
Instead I somehow managed to keep my cool, asked for a discount and for them to pay for the lacquer scratches to be retouched.


I’m very fair. :innocent: I drive them strictly in turns.:+1: So at the moment it’s a shopping trip to Tesco’s every fortnight! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am not sure whether the £200 quoted reflects this, but Johnsons Mazda in Gloucester offer a 10% discount to OC members on servicing, so worth asking the question, and you might get to save a further £20

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I’ll ask the question, I did mention prices were being quoted on this forum so possibly does. They said they wouldn’t go as far as £185 but typically prices are higher in the South.

About three years ago, the service manager proudly told me that I’d had a complimentary car wash. I pointed out it had left the car dirtier than when I’d dropped it off!? On viewing dashcam footage later I saw a lad power-washing the lower half of the vehicle with plain water then walking off. I’m glad I hadn’t paid for that but no harm done.
I’d have been somewhat disheartened (to put it mildly) if I’d taken your precautions yet still had the car maimed :frowning:

Have you tried the main dealer web site?
Put in your post code select dealers around your area, select service and enter details and they are all different prices.


Just had 1st on my RF1.5 at Oakmere Mazda Northwich £160. Don’t think there’s a standard price. Also used their courtesy car.

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