ND 2000 into 1500 will go

I have been watching Paul Roddison’s progress in fitting a 2 litre engine into an accident damaged 1500 ND with interest. The block is approx 40mm shorter so a few modifications had to be made. A low mileage 2 litre engine then slotted straight in, when everything was reconnected the engine started within seconds.

The car is being re mapped by Clive at Autotronix Developments before being fully converted into a race car for next year’s MAX5 race series.

Burton you make it sound easy…lol 

or is it I made it look easy!!

I think it comes down to how the reader interprets the phrase ‘a few modifications had to be made’.

Many readers may think this means moving the odd bracket a few millimetres or changing some bolts. Those that have seen your workshop and all the cars and kit in it will know that some fairly radical cutting, fabricating and welding were almost certainly involved.

You may well have made it look easy but so did Lewis in Singapore over the weekend and nobody can deny that there was a certain amount of skill, practice and experience involved there.


With your intimate knowledge of the nuts and bolts fixing the gearbox in place you were half way there !!