ND Badge Removal

Does anyone have any tips for removing the front and rear Mazda emblem badges on a 2019 MX-5 ND? I have a replacement pair finished in gloss black to be put on.

Thanks in advance!

When i removed one of my badges, i used a plastic trim tool. Put tape all around the emblem where the trim tool will touch the paint. Double layer if your tape is thin. Warm the badge with a hairdryer to help soften the adhesive pad. Insert the thin end of the trim tool and lever up gently. Work your way around the emblem bit by bit. The emblems are glued and clipped. At one point you will hear the pin snap off and the emblem will be off. The broken bits will fall out.

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I don’t know about the ND badge specifically, but dental floss is usually recommended for removing the foam adhesive behind most badges.

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Wont brake the pins though. Dental floss did not work and broke when I tried.

I can understand levering off a solid badge such as the Skyactiv emblem but that may be difficult with the Mazda emblems mentioned by the OP.

Did the ‘Roadster‘ badge match your pin holes or was it just adhesive and where from please?

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Roadster Badge, Red, MX5 Mk1 Eunos Roadster


AND before we go any further, haven’t you something to reviele JIM?

Just adhesive, covers the holes perfectly.

I may have a more fitting replacement for the SkyActiv badge coming soon. An ND take on the classic Roadster badge.

I think that the original poster is talking about the Mazda “winged” logo emblems on the boot and bonnet which may be more difficult to remove than the “MX5” and “Skyactive” badges on the boot. Not sure whether these are pinned on or not. I think what Safetymatch is possibly referring to is the fact that he has supplied the gloss black emblems but correct me if I am wrong!

The front emblem logo badge has 2 pins with small starlock washers on the back, they are inaccessible to remove without taking the bumper off !
On both of my ND’s that I’ve painted the badges, the pins have broken off, they’re very thin,
They are also stuck on with double sided tape.
The rear boot lid badge is stuck on with double sided and also has 2 pins but, there are no clips on the back. Once you break the double sided tape away from the bootlid the badges pop out.
I ended up buying 2 new badges, painting them and re-fitting.


I don’t know Dave, have I?

Thank you so much for your reply, the photos really help. I can see theres pins on the new badges I have but wasn’t sure how the were secured in, I understand they will need to be snapped off leaving holes for the new badges to fit into.