ND centre exhaust


Fitted this I.L.Motorsport twin centre exhaust back box and diffuser last summer. Fitting was quite easy and did not require any modifications to the rear bummer apart from 4x self tapping screws underneath the diffuser. The upper part of the diffuser is held in place with 3m tape. The exhaust has a nice sporty raspy note but is a little load when starting up from cold. In the pic you can also see the wheels pushed out slightly with 20mm spacers. I have since this pic was taken fitted lowering springs which I will upload in another post.



Looks well that Mark, nice work :ok_hand:

That looks great!

The exhaust rasp will probably soothe itself a bit as you use the car and the innards get a nice coating of soot.

Thanks for the comments MX-5BRU

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Thanks for the comments seriousrikk, it has quietened down a bit since fitting like you said.

Also if you put the car in reverse gear when starting the car it cancels the cold start, and drops the noise down a good bit. Handy for those early morning road trips on a Sunday


Hey Mark




Thanks John that is good to know. I will try that next I have to get up very early to catch the ferry.

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Hi Akari, these exhausts are proving popular. I love the fact MX5’s are so cheap to work on. I have made several changes to my car now and still spent less than £1000 as far.

Hi Mark

I have spent just over 3k so far but that includes…

Front and side areo kit
zaust and diffuser
bbs wheel
lowering springs
k and n filter
black badges
zunsport grille and custom replacement kuro badges
android auto/apple car play
led light kit
led reverse light
rear camera
intake hoses
front led light covers
sponsor stickers (wont be applied untill jap fest then removed)
black door mirrors
door bushings
load liner
Black LED side lights
and a screen protector (so important)
spoiler (on the way needs to be painted)

So much fun to work on. that Ulter back box is the creme of the crop the sound is near perfect.


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Hi A.K.

You been busy, that’s a lot of mod’s. I had a look at your project black and the cars looking, good well done.