ND Clutch stopper from CleaR Motorsport

This is a brief review of my latest mod which arrived today from a well-known member of the Club, Adam at CleaR Motorsport.

To cut to the chase, I love it!

It is a simple, but precisely machined piece of stainless steel with a rubber stop which is designed to take out the useless extra travel on the clutch pedal as you squash it into the carpet at the end of the travel. It comes pre-drilled with 3 possible positions to give progressively less travel. Fitting is a matter of undoing one 12mm nut, placing the plate on the desired hole and just re-tightening the nut. The mod is completely reversable so fine for company cars etc. or if you decide to sell the car.

Here is the plate on position 2 before the nut goes back on;

It felt immediately better than stock as you reach a firm end of the travel instead of the horrible standard feel.
All 3 positions are designed to disengage the clutch, apparently most people use position 2 which is what I chose.
Before I started, I timed myself pressing the clutch pedal and releasing it 10 times at 5.55 seconds, after fitting this reduced to 4.67 seconds. Only a very small sample but this is 0.88 seconds on 10 releases so, 0.088 second improvement per gearchange so on a run to 60 or 70 in 3rd gear from standstill, this would be approx. 0.22 second reduction, not bad for the cost! The feeling of driving the car though is significantly better as you can get back on the power earlier making the drive feel much more sporting.

I would imagine that even on position 3, with the longest travel, the clutch would still feel much nicer to use due to the firm end of the stroke.

I cannot recommend this mod highly enough, in my opinion, every ND should have one!

Here is the product;


Fitting video;



Just purchased one myself, good to hear your positive feedback.

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I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

Well done @AdamR28 - top work! :trophy:

Will be in touch shortly.


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Simon, Tim, Steve - thank you!

Glad to know you’ve found the exact improvements this is intended to produce, Simon, and I appreciate your review.

Hadn’t considered the gearchange speed aspect, but that makes a lot of sense!

I also had someone who was very short comment that it made the clutch more “manageable” too, which was nice.

I can’t take credit for the idea, but the other I’ve seen is twice the price (and then add on import costs), and has no adjustment so I thought “there has to be a better way…”.

Response has been so good to the first (relatively small) batch that I’ve sold out this afternoon, but more are due in a week. Having very local manufacture is a dream in this situation!

Thanks again.


Fitted it yesterday, 5 minute job.

Your youtube commentary was spot on about the nut coming loose with a bang. My wrench extension just cleared the pedals so access was a little awkward but I managed it. A decent lever from the nut is also recommended.

Anyway, a spirited drive this morning and I liked the reduced clutch pedal travel (position 2) and feel of the stopper.


Just been out for a longer drive, changing up through the gears is so quick and easy now with much less effort. It makes for a very smooth driving experience.
I imagine it would reduce fatigue over a days drive as well.

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Tim, Simon - so glad to hear you are happy with your new gadgets, and thanks for the feedback!

I have these available again now if anyone else is after one.

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Just a quick update - a local business with very similar ethos, Car Cottage, are now handling the shipping of my products.

We have a new chassis brace released today and I am still working away in the background, so further items are in development too.

Car Cottage | eBay