ND Cobalt back box

Fitted in August, 2000 miles ago, sounds awesome.


£250 ono

Located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 



Now removed from car, criminal that Mazda sell the car with such a pathetic sounding exhaust and try to call it a sports car! 

Includes a new gasket.

*** BUMP ***


Hi is this still available? Any videos of it running?

Good morning Matt, yes still available.

No videos from my old car, but there are a few on YouTube.

Have one on my ND, lovely sound and, in my opinion, helps the engine to breathe a bit easier!

Have one on my Eunos as well, big single pipe that sounds gorgeous.

Can I make you an offer?

Sure, go ahead.

Do you still have this?

Sorry, only just saw this. Yes, for sale.

As these are £240 new what’s your best price

Pretty sure it was over £300 new.

Listed at £241

Yeah i saw at 241, i’d be at 150 used. Probably less than you’re after, but that a genuine offer on the table if the condition is good, and there’s no damage

I’d be prepared to pay £175 but I would need it sending. If you could pack it, I would arrange and pay for a courier.

I double-checked and it cost £297 delivered, I have seen them listed for less but these seem to be limited stock deals and it usually goes back to full price once the new stock arrives.

I’ve said this on previous threads, but my opinion is that the nd is really lacking without the exhaust and springs especially on the model they claim to be ‘sport+’.

vindaloo - PM sent

PM replied to

SOLD to a good home