ND Main dealer service pricing

Oops don’t even know what I was trying to say there, ha.

I meant, I was offered the same amount just spread over the number of months. There was no incentive to pay via this ‘plan’, is what I meant. Might as well just keep the cash yourself and pay the full bill when you come to servicing.

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Dealer has told me the £649 is £100 less than it would be if I paid for each service at the time.

But, if I’m taking the car on 3 year PCP, service number 3 is in month 36. Why am I paying for that, rather than just delaying it until the day after I give it back?

And do I actually save £ by giving them £649 up front, compared to holding on to it and giving them £250/year in month 12, 24 & 36?

Maths was never my strong point but I calculate you save £101 (ie spend less)

You would have to check your pcp agreement to see if you are liable due the year 3 service. It might be worth considering the situation where your next car is not available in time before your 3 year service is due…

Also if inflation continues rising that £101 will become more.

Always makes me laugh how people buy a car then quibble over the maintenance costs, it’s only £649 over 3 years.

If you hand your PCP back you are liable for the 3rd service, but if you traded it in then I guess they will just take it off the value as it’s due.

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I get your point but I’m about to sign a 3 year commitment to be paying a few £hundred a month for a car. If the dealer turns round and says “please pay another £649 up front now” that’s quite a hefty unplanned expense in 1 month - instead of the monthly accrual I make towards service costs.

At that point, the £100 I “lose” by paying for them as I go becomes kind of trivial.

Alternatively, I could turn that around and say the dealer is making an arrangement to take £15K of my money over the next 3 years, giving me £100 rebate on service costs is frankly the least they could do.

Equally If you can afford £649 of unplanned expenditure in any given month without worrying about your other expenditure, all power to you.

Anyway, this thread feels like it’s run its course. As a forum newbie, do I need to do anything to close it as “question answered”?

Dont take it the wrong way, no offence intended.

You could always add it on to the finance also. Have you got the 0% from Mazda?

Anyway enjoy your new car, they are great fun.


Are you paying the dealer £15k? Or are you paying Mazda? Or are you paying a finance company? You are getting a car so claiming the dealer is taking £s from you is a little disingenuous…

If you can’t afford the £649 upfront (I thought that was the cost spread over several instalments not a single payment t) maybe you shouldn’t be borrowing £15k…

Remember the cost of each service varies…so make sure you budget for different amounts each year…

I find these threads fascinating…

People are happy to rent a depreciating asset by paying several hundred pounds a month to own nothing…but bulk at paying a few hundred pounds a year, typically less than a month’s rent, to maintain it…