ND Main dealer service pricing

I’m about to buy a brand new 1.5l Sport ND from my nearest main dealer (Milcars in Watford) on 3 year PCP

They’ve offered me an option to pre-pay for all 3 services for years 1, 2 & 3 but I want to check if it’s good value.

Does anyone know the typical list price of these 3 services for comparison that they could share?

Thanks in advance.

Well, I can tell you the prices at a main dealer in Essex over the last three years if this helps. This is the servicing of my 1.5 SE purchased new in May 2018:
First service £182.76
Second service £327.10
Third service £279.82 including about £10 for two new fob batteries
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‘Up North’ you can expect to be just under £200 per service without brake fluid change or MOT.
Shop around and ask for their best price, you will be surprised at the variations between dealers.

Bare in mind that as you don’t own the car, Dealer ONLY servicing may be written into the finance agreement, not necessarily the dealer you dealt with though.
A service plan may spread the cost and work out slightly cheaper, but will tie you to that particular dealer, so if you fall out there’s usually no option to transfer it to another.
In addition, if you end the agreement early, what happens to any credit balance you’ve built up - you may end up with a different make of car next time.
Hope you enjoy the car - they’re great fun

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Thanks folks, appreciate the feedback on my first thread!

Being near London, I doubt there will be many bargains - we’ve used the dealer here for our Euphonic for a few years and generally had a good relationship. Even when they’ve made mistakes, they’ve owned up to them and accepted the consequences.

All being well, we’ll remain happy customers for some time. Oddly there aren’t many other options for main dealer near us, so being tied to this one isn’t that big a risk, I hope (and I expect to have to stick with main dealer with the PCP as @Overdrive suggests)

Costs feel a little bit break even, rather than bargain so far, but I’m assuming it also insulates us against any unexpected costs during those services, which wouldn’t be covered by warranty. Definitely something to check out before I sign anything!

Service plans also insulate you against inflation, so you’re fixing your service cost when you buy the car.
If you get a Mazda service plan you can use it at any UK Mazda dealer.

Johnson’s Mazda sold me an EMAC service plan, it’s £20 a month for 3 years servicing and the 2nd year brake fluid change.

Also if I sell the car, I can cancel and get any unused payments back.

If it’s a new car, isn’t the service plan mazda one, bit a dealer one backed by EMAC?

I’ve got an EMAC service plan on my CX-5 from new.
I think Johnson’s make more from the EMAC plans and they are more flexible than the Mazda ones.

Thanks folks. Let’s cut to the chase - the 3 year service plan is being sold for £649.

Feels a little marginal, especially if they want it all up front, but probably worth doing.

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In Kent, I got a quote in June for my ND2 1.5 venture and they wanted £25/month over four years. That would be £900 in three years and £1200 over the four years. I decided not to go with their offer, I thought that felt it was weighted in their favour, I bought the car so can go anywhere but still not sure I made the right choice.

The dealer version of the service plan should be £100 less than the Mazda one, which is shown on the latest price list you can view online. The Mazda priced one allows you to use any dealer/service agent so has to take into account higher labour rates in metropolitan areas. The dealer based one is operated through the same system as the Mazda one but can reflect any discounts that the dealer can input to encourage take up. They generally are good value, protect you against inflation and can often be paid monthly interest free.
As had been said if you change the car the money in the kitty can be refunded or transferred to the replacement car.

Mine was main dealer - Perrys (easyplan) still think its a bit steep averaging £300.00 per visit and it won’t cover everything I’m sure. That said time will tell.

It is. The Mazda price for the first 3 services is £649.00 in total. Local plans can shave up to £100 off this.

This will have no relevance whatsoever to Mazda, but my wife’s Honda CRV service plan was £555 to cover the first 5 years’ servicing. This included brake fluid and pollen filter.

I say no relevance, but it does give some perspective to the pricing of these types of plans.

When I bought my ND in 2019, the dealer offered me 3 years for £595.

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I think it’s pretty relevant in the grand scheme of all things motoring… seems goods value from Honda. I remember having had several new minis their TLC pack was always the first thing we ticked. It’s a pity Mazda don’t seem very competitive

Wouldn’t touch Perrys. They damaged the battery cover on my NC.

I use them for annual service and MOT on both my Mazdas, work done correctly (I always paint-tag a tiny dot on service-replaceable items as a check). Also they are happy to negotiate on what actually needs to be done, eg diff oil change etc.

BUT watch out for them charging for washer fluid when you give them a car with a full washer bottle, and don’t let them wash the car if you want to avoid paint swirls or the odd scratch. We came to an agreement.

I am also up North and refuse to pay inflated Main Dealer rates. I use Mazda specialist CBS Autos (Carl Smith) in Nelson, Lancashire. I bought my first MX-5 from him and my second and current one was previously owned by a friend of his. Many MX-5 Owners Club members use him.

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I asked a local dealership about a service plan, I didn’t see any benefit at all to it. I just paid the lump sum over a series of DD’s. There was no discount or deal as such - what am I missing?

isn’t that a contradiction? Surely you paid a lump sum or the total via monthly installments?