Nd - painting the snout logo

The nosecone logo got painted today, I painted it in-situ and masked the surrounding area. The car is ceramic coated and standard tape does not stick, so I broke out the expensive green frog tape. It needed a hard rub to make it stick.

The logo got 6 light coats with 15 minutes between each coat. I am 99% happy with the finish, there is one “blob” that I can see, so it may get re-done after the tail ones are sprayed.

Masked up and first 2 coats

6 coats later and the bottom area peeled clean

Peeling the top section

Finished Logo


That’s interesting, would be good to see a shot from further back to see how it blends into the car overall.

Here you go . . .


What paint did you use? Did you prep the logo first?

Just cleaned very well and microfibered it. I used Plasti dip

Ditto, did mine a few years ago, front and back.

:+1: looks smart contrasting like that